How Music Can Help You To Learn!

Mar 9, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

music and learning



Music is something I feel I was somewhat deprived of as a child, except, of course, from disco and radio pop in the 80’s that would filter through the intercom system of my house.

It’s almost like I never had a chance to catch up to the depth of music… and it’s been largely absent from life except for in chapters that have echoed through memories with great depth.

My new music explorations are more ambient, more a feeling that I need, and more purposeful rather than incidental.  And when I came upon this chart I thought” Yes!  This drives home the point that music is actually really important!!!”

As I head to immerse myself in afternoon Clascical to get my mind working more sharply, see if music might be an ingredient you can layer into your own space more fully.  xoxo Dana


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