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Mar 11, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


I don’t know about you but I have a history of restlessness that spans back to my earliest memories. At around 5 years old, drawing at the mini round white laminate table in my grandma’s house, sketching piles of pictures of myself in the home I was headed for one day in the life I envisioned back then. I was, I thought, in boxy pencil sketches on Europe (or what I thought it looked like) and dancing in exotic places that I knew had to see outside of Secaucus, New Jersey.

I remember thinking that I was so lucky to have my grandma sitting resolutely on her big yellow gold velvet chair watching me crumble up paper, eat waffles intermittently and sketch like fire.

It was easy to dream when I felt like someone was watching out for me.

But still… I was restless.

That restless spirit took me all over the world and, yes, dancing in exotic places that I couldn’t ever have imagined.  It took me on darker adventures and cinematic journeys.  Some of the voyages were less than productive.  Some, incredibly eye-opening.  But all that restlessness kept me in chaos until I knew how to use that energy to its best advantage.

I know I have that restlessness in me… but it is productive now that I’ve found a way to feel truly settled where I am, wherever I am.

Do you feel settled and secure?   If not, this is the feng shui for you!!!

I don’t think restlessness should ever need to be cured— its the energy that moves you forward.  Or at least, it moves me forward!

However, restlessness is crazy-making if its not “channelled” into something great you know?

There are a few feng shui ways I’ve found to take all that restless need for change and funnel it into something wildly positive.

puppy unpacking

(Bob helps me unpack & settle in after a trip)

It all starts by understanding that stability comes from within.  No person or place or position can bring you inner peace and none can replace the stability that comes from understanding your core values and seeing your vision clearly.

What do you value? If you aren’t sure about these things for yourself, you may want to spend some time thinking through what matters most to you.  Journal it out. Talk it out.  Meditate on it.  If you are clear on your values its like sinking an anchor into the ground around you.  Your need for change will always be filtered through these precise values that make everything more valuable and substantial.

Where do you see yourself heading?  Writing down the same core visions you see for yourself is vital to taking all that fire of energy and focusing it like a laser beam.  Whether you draw it out like I did as a little kid, or write them down, or make a piece of art that reminds you… Just make it clear.

When I stopped to write down a really important vision I had for the future a few days ago,  I realized that the fulfillment of that vision meant giving up a few things I was really enjoying that didn’t line up with the picture I am so committed to creating.

If you want to have a farm full of animals, don’t rent a house in the middle of the city with no land, you know?!  Same goes for wanting personal freedom and signing onto careers that afford you none… Or wanting a relationship and staying in one that has no future (even in fantasies)…

alexis smart flower essences

(alexis smart flower remedies are instant inner greatness!)

To get into the feng shui of it all…

Start trusting your intuition.  Even weird and unusual circumstances can turn out magically if they feel right. HERE’s some intuition-boosting feng shui.  

Stay well-rested.  You can never go wrong when you have slept well and feel fantastic. THESE tips can help you sleep even more soundly. 

And practice opening up your root chakra.  THIS feng shui can help you to feel more prosperously stable!

Being settled in your life is, paradixically I know,  one of the most brilliant ways I’ve found to dream & do much bigger… and to risk more vibrantly.  Dare to settle in more to your space and yourself.  xoxo Dana



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