8 Ways To Bring A Boost Of Self-Confidence With You Through The Day!

Mar 14, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


Confidence is a posture, a state of energy… not a mental exercise as much as a fusion of your mind, body and your life energy (otherwise known as chi!)  in a way that is stable, collected together and calm.

I used to try to wrangle confidence in my mind.  Its a very difficult way to figure things out.

Now, confidence is a whole life exercise.  Feeling alive.  Looking alive.  Being alive.

Whether its a boost to your physical energy, your mental energy or your subtle energy that brings life to life, a little extra dose of power can do wonders for your whole being!  Here are 8 of my new favorite confidence-boosters that you can carry with you through the day. 

crystals on beach

8 Holistic Confidence Boosters 

1. A mini journal.  If you need a quick mental fix to take your scattered mind to a place of concentration, try writing little affirmations in a mini journal (aka a tiny note pad) and stick them in your pocket or your purse.

2. Something brighter.  My orange coffee cup is portable.  Your neon-hued scarf, bright cell phone case or fire-colored jacket can do wonders for the energy around you!

3. Smart snacks.  Don’t leave home empty-handed of food.  Stash bananas in your backpack, take some nuts or seeds, bring a smoothie for the ride…  Smarter snacks keep you in the right place energy-wise.

4. White light.  Take a moment, get quiet, and imagine yourself surrounded in white light that beams from you powerfully and shields you like armor from the negativity of the world while it allows you to connect to more bright white light.  Best of all energetic worlds.

5.  Carry a crystal or two with a meaningful story!  Simple enough to have a piece of jewelry or a simple tumbled stone with a great story at your side.

6. Breathe into your stomach.  If you want to instantly bring life to life, put your hands on your stomach and breathe deep enough to fill your hands as you breathe in…

7. A good book.  I have friends who keep inspirational books on their phone to read on the line in grocery stores,  having lunch breaks… it works.  A book you carry – if at all possible- is even better because its more tangible and alive in your hands!

And, of course, have much more fun.  Confidence is a natural state to be in, not an exceptional state.  Treat it as normal to feel amazing  and you’ll get to #8.

8. Make others feel more confident, collected, powerful, strong and centered.  When you get to this part, the world feels so fused together and exceptional its addictively amazing!!!



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  1. maggie

    Awesome tips, Dana! I am a big fan of envisioning myself in white light. It seems to wash away any uncertainty.



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