Feng Shui To Help You Sleep Like A Baby!

Mar 16, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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Sleep is the most important thing we do in terms of life betterment, even though most of us have at one point or another tried to “squeeze it in” in the middle of life happening.  If you aren’t getting between 7-9  hours of sleep a night- or enough to feel refreshed and revived when you wake up-  these tips from my feng shui mentor Gabriele Van Zon might be a whole new world of wonderful for you!

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Feng Shui Your Nocturnal Habits And Sleep Like A Baby!

by Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal

Habits can be nasty little critters that hold you captive with everything you do. They creep into behavior patterns and involuntarily become monsters of addiction. Are some of these habits keeping you from getting the healthful sleep you deserve? Feng shui is your secret helper to turn nasty habits and dull routines into sacred rituals* with a few insights and adjustments.

Much has been written about healthful sleeping aids and pharmaceuticals to knock you out. Feng shui experts chime in with the standard cures of placing your bed in the power position, taking mirrors and televisions away from bedrooms and adjusting décor to be calm and soothing.

We would like to add a bit of sassy feng shui and set the stage for late pm and early am rituals. Let’s start with a set of questions:

  • Are “e’s” and “i’s” (electronics, iPhones, iPads) haunting you during the night?
  • Are street lights, head lights, blinking towers and neighborhood flood lights sending a bright glare through your windows?
  • What is your comfort zone for tactile well-being?
  • Is sha qi (poison arrows) coming at you from the glow of power buttons, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, chargers and computers?

Feng shui rituals for nocturnal bliss:

  • Write your list for tomorrow’s agenda, and clear your mind of all have to’s.
  • Turn off all your e’s and i’s. Put tape over glowing power buttons.
  • Allow extra time to unwind from the day’s adventures and events.
  • Dim the lights and turn on your e-candles (battery operated on timers).
  • Soak tired muscles and aching joints in a tub of soothing bath salts and aromas.
  • Indulge in your most relaxing libation – Ginger tea? Kombucha? Chamomile tea? Red wine? Warm sake?
  • Warm milk? Hot chocolate?
  • Install black-out shades and your bedroom will be a cave of darkness.
  • Build your nest for cuddle comfort – king size head pillows? A soft bed roll under your knees? A body pillow to lean on? A down duvet?
  • Use a pillow prop for your glow light e-reader – no blue light emitting devices!
  • Experiment with uplifting literature instead of murder mysteries and thrillers.
  • To calm fidgeting nerves, thumb a rubbing stone – fluorite or amethyst are best.

Nocturnal habits and waking up are deeply personal. I will share my secret rituals and trust that you will be able to create your own.

I wake up and move the drape of my canopy bed slightly – remember, I’m in a pitch dark cave – to see the red numbers of my atomic clock reflecting 2:47 am on the ceiling. I slip on socks to keep my feet warm. I sleepwalk to the kitchen to get an apple – the best sleep med! I navigate towards the soft green glow of the bathroom night light. I take a few sips of warm water from the cup warmer on the vanity. I dab a drop of lavender oil on my forehead and scoot back into the covers, munching my apple. All this goes in slow motion without switching on lights. We don’t want to dilate pupils and disturb melatonin levels that are set to sleep mode.

  • Set the stage for daytime bliss with early am rituals:
  • Allow extra time to wake up slowly.
  • Transition from sleep mode to wake mode with dimmed indirect lighting.
  • E-candles, set to light up a little before wake-up time, send a soft glow through the darkness.
  • First, irrigate the brain with a cup of clear water. At 75% water, and deprived of moisture during the night, it needs replenishing.
  • Flush toxins out of your system with green tea. Tea leaves in a glass tea pot are mesmerizing as they unfold to emit a subtle aroma and release their catechins.
  • For the latest 21st century wake-up mode, research fragrance emitting alarm clocks, but make sure they are not blue light devices. Rosemary, citrus or geranium will stimulate and energize your olfactory messengers.
  • Nature sounds or happy music will set the tone for the day’s best intentions.

If you haven’t done so, have a dialogue with your bedroom? Let it speak to you about your personal needs for rest and relaxation. Are your pictures and objects sending positive messages? Is there a soft rug underfoot as you step out of bed or stand by your vanity? Please note that we have not said a word about turning on TV or radio. World news can wait until you have mindfully focused on productive and creative desires for the new day.

*Note: Scientific American in May 2013 suggested that “rituals may be more rational than they appear. Why? Because even simple rituals can be extremely effective.



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  1. Rebecca

    These are great ideas! Can you recommend some candles that have a timer? I think this would be helpful for my 14 year old daughter who has a lot of sleep issues. Thank you!


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