Refreshing & Gorgeous Must-Make-For-Spring DIY Projects!

Mar 19, 2015 | Creativity

tulips in vase


Its Springing Spring very soon, and this powerhouse Spring deserves lots of Spring freshness.

Little projects like forcing bulbs in a vase (you can totally do this, its so simple and stunning… directions right HERE) add a punctuation mark of glorious growth to wake up your days at home.

Today’s simple Spring home projects are bursting with Spring morning freshness!

washi tape computer cords


Can’t handle computer cords and can’t completely hide them? What about some washi tape?  Designlovefest nails this DIY that transforms wires into works of crafty art!

felt ball coasters


In my breaks from the computer I’ll be making THESE for Spring housewarming gifts.  Too cute, right? I mean, they are so lively and lovely!!!

plaster flower votives


THESE votives are made of actual flowers dipped in some old-school plaster.  HOW AMAZING!!!

lemon oil uses

On that note, use some citrus essential oil to brighten up the air and freshen like crazy.  THESE 20 uses for lemon essential oil (shoot for the high grade stuff) are year-round Spring!

flower garland


And take your dried flowers and turn them into an unforgettable art-piece of garlang.  THIS DIY from Shane Powers on Gardenista is unforgettably amazing!

Updating your home for Spring can be as simple as handfulls of fresh flowers or a few new plants from the local shop, or as creative as your imagination will stretch.  I suggest making… make a new sugar scrub for your daily shower, make a fresh table setting Spring to life, make a fun tablecloth… Make the new in a way that suits you and makes you feel vibrantly alive for all the sunshine and fresh starts ahead!

xoxo Dana



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