Florian Maier-Aichen Saturates Nature Energy In Wild Colors

Mar 23, 2015 | Life With Art

Florian Maier Aichen


Florian Maier-Aichen is a German artist who, in my mind, filters the energy of nature, composes it into concise packages, colors it with passion and, in doing so, makes art that is impossible to stop admiring!

Today’s art inspiration is filled with nature glowing in radical hues.  Total love.  

florian maier aichen

(architectural digest)

I can’t think of a more perfect seating area, with a wall-sized photograph that acts as a compelling window.

florian maier aichen


The skies, the planes of sharp mountains… all turn to pastel, black & white.

florian maier aichen


A simple burst of energy demonstrates the way that teeming life glows.

florian maier aichen

(blum & poe)

Insanely gorgeous.

florian maier aichen


Totally transfixed by the fire and water vibrance.

When you find art that brings a concept- like the actual life force energy that animates nature- to perfect life in pictures, you bring more dynamic life into your home that you can feel erven before you see it.  Blanketing your space in emotions in this way is intensely powerful.

Live with more art.  It will change your life!  xoxo Dana


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