Bulletproof Tea Time!

Mar 29, 2015 | Food-Shui

bulletproof tea

This trippy little drink doesn’t sound that awesome when you read the what’s in it… but I’m telling you, its actually quite yummy and I’ve been buzzing with clarity and energy for hours!

Bulletproof Coffee is all the rage at the moment.  What started as a small underground movement has gone far and wide.  Coffee makes me crazy, so the idea of coffee plus butter & oil every morning sounds terrible.  The health benefits, though, are pretty incredible.  If you are interesting in the coffee method, you can read more about the “bulletproof” benefits HERE. 

Today’s tea was a white tea brewed super-strong.  If you are using tea bags, add an extra to each of two cups.  Let it steep for a while.

Pour the two cups of tea (minus the tea bags or grounds) in a blender.

Then add a tablespoon each of virgin coconut oil and grass-fed ghee.  If you don’t know what ghee is, its basically clarifed butter, but the grass-fed varieties are super-nourishing. THIS is thought to be the stellar brand in Hollywood at the moment, but any grass-fed source of ghee will do.

Add a teaspoon of raw honey– or more, to taste.

Blend it all up 30 seconds to a minute to super-emulsify everything.

You have a “bulletproof tea.”

Enjoy! xoxo Dana


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