Feng Shui To Help You Break Your Bad Habits!

Mar 30, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

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In feng shui, if you have a bad habit you are “stagnant” in some way. Energy ceases to flow freely. Things become like a broken record: repeating bad patterns, stuck in this destructive groove that’s annoyingly difficult to change, over and over again.

If you de-clutter your home, however, you will give yourself a greater opportunity to really be free of those long-standing, destructive habits.

Feng shui magic for the day!

It’s time for more clear space! The Catalyst Camp is coming for the New Year to open up your life to the new like never before! It’s 8 weeks of de-cluttering, letting things go any lightening up life in radical ways.  You can sign up HERE to start the free 3-video series & revolutionize your clutter clearing.


xoxo Dana


  1. Zora

    Hi Dana,
    I’m just working through your feng Shui 101 and already changed my entrance and hallway and love this new Areas of my home! Your Video about bad Habits makes me wonder: What if the bad Habit is not to do the dishes or not to clean? To be lazy and / or overwhelmed about the chores.
    I can’t keep my appartment clean, I don’t have the discipline – although I like my home much more, if it’s tidied up. I try it again and again – but it’s so strange, that I don’t allow me to life in a clean and calm home, or that I can’t muster the strength to keep it that way. And this, although I’m getting really frustratet or even a bit aggressiv, if everything around me is a hot mess.
    Sometimes I really enjoy cleaning and love the results. But after a few days it’s like nothing had happened. So, making a fresh start doesn’t help me, to make cleaning and tidying up a Habit.

    So, where to start? Where to find the discipline and joy? Do you have any experiences?

    Best wishes from Germany

    • danaclaudat

      What a great question with perfect timing! Catalyst amp is coming soon and the free feng shui de-cluttering video series is HERE: http://www.yourlifechangingdesign.com/signup
      Sign up and the videos will arrive soon!!! Literally the absolute answer for you 🙂

      • Zora

        yeah – cool coincidence. I’m very excited! Thank you!


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