The Mighty Reading Chair!

Mar 31, 2015 | Home Style

lounge chair


Solitary chairs aren’t always awesome in a home because they just seem… solitary… you know?

But if you add a little lusciousness, light and greatness to a solitary chair, it can become the best lounging and reading chair ever!

A tribute to my grandma and “her chair” where she did everything from eat snacks and watch TV to embroidery, reading the paper… her chair was very special.  Make your chair equally as much of an experience!

lounge chair


This is so my style.  Pot of greens, Mid Century perfection, sunlight. Yes.


(urban outfitters)

Floor pillows, hanging plant and perfect blue seat!



The dream reading swing.

wild color


And hyper-colored vintage loungers are always in style in my mind!

If you have a chair hanging out on its own, can you make it special?



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  1. Gloria

    ~*LOVE*~ I’ve been mulling over how to pull of a single-seat vignette…. love the idea of designing an experience more than a ‘look.’

  2. Amarú

    Hello Dana I have a chair in my bedroom in the love corner, next to a big window; above the chair I have a picture of a pasionate couple at the beach. I have not a relationship right now. I love to seat there to watch the beautiful view I get there, it makes me feel inspired. So if I am looking for someone special the chair is ok in that spot?. Also my bed is in the legacy area (there is not other place to put it). I wait for your advice. Thanks for being there.

    • danaclaudat

      You know, if you love it, keep it. Typically I don;t like single chairs in bedrooms but if this works for you, it works! Also, just because the picture of a passionate couple is in your bedroom, make sure it emenates the emotion of love, not just an image but the feeling as well!!!


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