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Apr 3, 2015 | Creativity

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Genius.  It’s what makes you uniquely you.  It’s taking your talent and developing it to its farthest reaches.

Genius is not your job, career or what you do all day.  Genius is identified in your approach to things and the way it is remarkably your own.

I solidly believe we are all geniuses at our core.  We are all execptionally talented, able and powerfully gifted in some way.

Sometimes its a trick to take your genius and make it into a career.  But if you are passionately cultivating that genius, I don’t believe it’s so tricky!

What makes a genius a genius? How can you cultivate more of your own genius? 


I talk about genius a lot because we often confer it solely upon the Einsteins of the world. Even Einstein believed you don’t need to be a Nobel Laureate to be a genius in life, even though the Nobel Prize is a brilliant dream to me.

Your talents are uniquely your own.

Here are the three definitions from the Merriam-Webster dictionary of genius:

: a very smart or talented person : a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable

: a person who is very good at doing something

: great natural ability : remarkable talent or intelligence

If you notice, none of genius has to do with something that is outside of you.  Genius has little to do with turning yourself into someone else.  Yet, it seems sometimes that the world is designed to make us alike rather than unique.

The one key to genius I see that is universally true: real genius is inimitably personal.

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Genius is original.

You know, some people teach others how to create successful “brands.”  The students are taught- in part-  to start their own brands by “studying” brands around them and reaching out and asking people to talk to them about how they built their brand and basically emulating their stuff and learning from their methods while still being “original.”

Two things are false and flawed here:

1. You can’t simultaneously be inspired by someone’s original synthesis and ideas and at the same time be wholly original. If you use their synthesis you are copying. Plain and simple. There are about 7 people who try to “be inspired” by me who outright plagarize me all the time.  I see it happen to my friends daily.  I see it in start-ups that say they are original but they are just copying another person’s ideas… and soon evaporate.

2. Competition is a myth in the realm of greatness. True unique ideas don’t get competition. They compete against their own best ideas.  Fear-based people and brands compete against others in a space and generate ideas as a reaction to competition rather than as a need to fill to be of service.

Trust me, if you are not unique people will notice your lack of originality.  I’ve been glutted with people downloading my e-book, reading the blog and using my ideas- even my unique language that I know is uniquely mine because I’m pretty distinct whether you love or hate me- and writing articles passing these concepts off as their own.  I have seen it now at least 50 times.  I’ve also had people tell me they intend to copy me and my model, as though I should be flattered! It’s laughable to me that these people don’t realize that copying is the primitive way to learn, it’s out-dated…

Plus: you can’t do what someone else has done, even if you follow the same steps.

You’ll just be a watered down and lifeless imitation, a generic, rather than the genius that you are if you are “inspired by” people and don’t attribute to them when you cite their ideas.

Don’t copy. Dare to create your own thing.

Genius is wholly original in its approach and synthesis. 

It takes guts and work and research and trying and a feeling that you are naked at times in front of a crowd with your original ideas. If you don’t feel that way and you spend your time making small alterations to original work and passing it off as your own, you really fail yourself. Plus, you can’t ever really succeed because you are basing your creativity on something outside of you.  That’s NOT genius, as we discussed earlier.

You are bigger than that. You are bigger than competition. You can do anything.

Take what is uniquely your gift and make it yours.  Infuse your world with your way to approach things.  Synthesize your own ideas.  Reach wider.  Invest your energy into becoming the best you that you can be.

Want to have more genius right now?

Take the time to see where you’ve been operating in outmoded ideas or, worse, in the ideas of others.

What sets you apart? What is your stamp of you-ness? What can noone do as naturally easy as you can do it? What do you love so pasionately that you want to immerse yourself in it wholly?

Find ways to develop your natural talent, even if it seems unrelated to “business” or “career” or day-to-day life.  That passion will infuse itself into everything you do, even if it seems unrelated to your job.  That passion and the discoveries and awesomeness will color everything in your own way.

xoxo Dana



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