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Apr 7, 2015 | Creativity

anna wintour yarn

Are you open to the magic that can happen today, or, are you sort of committed to things being the same-same-same?

Things really changed for me when I stopped saying that I’m open to anything happening and started to actually feel open to anything good happening.

When you really feel that kind of openness to magic, it seems to surprise you everywhere!

Surprises really are everywhere.

Like Anna Wintour made of yarn on Houston Street in Manhattan near my old home on Sullivan Street.  She was perfectly woven and glowing from a fence on what was the most glorous street to live 10 years ago.  After being so sad to see my favorite shops had closed in SoHo, even Joe’s Dairy the clasic shop for the best mozzarella in the world, the yarn bombing of Anna Wintour reminded me that some things are classics, and they will never go out of style.

I am so glad I didn’t let go of the feeling that something good could happen.  While it took a few minutes to get to the magic, finally the magic arrived.  What started with yarn Anna Wintour, then turned to great friends for a coffee visit with cappucinos from Olive’s (another SoHo classic that survived!) and then to the awesomeness of Mike Taylor’s Sunday morning Strala yoga class.

strala nyc

I did Crow pose! And, having not done yoga for many many many months, that’s a big deal.

Every time I walk into a Strala class I expect to surpise myself with what I can do.  Why? It always happens that I’m surprised.  The whole movement system- unlike standard yoga- is full of spaces to be surprised by what is possible…

Yep… the more you actually, physically feel that everything is possible the more it is possible!!!

street art

Then, more art of the streets of the city lifted me higher.

Top it all off with an Easter dinner to remember in Jersey… and how could the day be better?

I’ve come to expect magic, synchronicity, bright sides to things, pleasant surprises and art everywhere. Whether I’m in a tiny town or the middle of a metropolis, I expect things to be great.  And if they aren’t great… I expect them to get great.

Do you expect great things?  Do you believe in the magic?

In the classic book of manifesting greatness- Jose Silva’s The Silva Mind Control Method (oh, how I really dn’t like that title, but the content is amazing!)- the conditions to make something amazing happen are so clear.  They key facet to manifesting greatness as outlined in the book:

Expect greatness.  

Its not about thinking it in my experience… it’s about being physically open to the good to the point where you feel it all around you.

When I’m not feeling the magic (like yesterday in the morning) , there are a few practical things I do to get there:

  • Sleep/ nap/ sleep more. (Hence my three hour nap yesterday!)
  • Eat and drink much more. (And my huge dinner yesterday!)
  • Clean up and get organized much more. (And my list-making madness yesterday!)
  • Stretch much more- physically stretch. (And my 5 miles of walking yesterday!)

Then… show up for the day!

When I really want to get inspired physically and mentally, I love doing feng shui-based space clearing techniques.  They are simple to learn and rather feel-great addictive!

xoxo Dana



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