Designing Rooms With Hyper-Layered Patterns!

Apr 10, 2015 | Home Style

pattern pillows


When I happened across this very simple DIY to make your own zippered polliw cases from Dimples & Tangles, I was swept into a dreamy haze of mixing and matching patterns in my mind.

Patterns can intimidate you if you’re just getting started with your own home designing… but trust me, if you dare to pluck the best of everything you like and mix and match it, harmony will arrive!

Here’s some of my favorite hyper-pattern-layered interior design to get you thinking in layers of richness. 

pattern styling

(amy atlas)

Amy Atlas breaks down the what-to-do and how-to-do-it where layering patterns is concerned. Finally you’ll have vocabulary for your favorite pattern designs, along with ideas of how to use them to make a sophisticated spash!

mixing patterns


Many interior designers recommend an “odd number” of patterns (i.e.: 3 or 5 or 7 if you dare, rather than 2 or 4), but I say, if it moves you, try to use it!

pattern interiors


By staying in the same unique color family, so many configurations became possible in this room.

pattern interiors


Geometry on geometry on geometry wins big!!!

domaine home patterns


What about daring with texture (like grasspaper walls and sisal flooring) and then laying down patterns? Its a big move but this is so gorgeous I can’t stop looking at it!

Infinite combinations are restricted only by the depth and width of your imagination!  Make more patterns, create more patterns, mix up more patterns… Feel them out.  Restrain color when it gets busy.  Add texture to a room when it needs depth.  This is the biggest trick to a “custom” looking home!  xoxo Dana


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