Are You Ready To Triumph Over Your Struggles?

Apr 11, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

gorgeous door

This door in Brooklyn sings to me. Its sunshine on a rainy day.  Its care to beautify what could just be simplistic. Rhythmic patterns create a feeling of blooming.

And when I saw this door, I was supposed to be happy… but I wasn’t. I was barely even present.

Today, instead of just the shiny and happy side of things, I think it’s time to get more real about the days when beautiful art and music and magical sites and all the good juju in the world just don’t work.

When you are struggling, everything falls flat.

The chorus is lost on you. The superfoods are just OK, not quite super.

It’s not a bad thing to have a time of uninspired- even truly sad and sapped and burned out and otherwise not excited- life.  Its a bad thing when you don’t know how to shake yourself free.  When the supplements, potions, parties and even wonderful happenings leave you feeling empty inside, that’s when it’s time to do something new.

Its time to triumph over struggles.  

lost in mind

I’ve been in a struggle lately that I don’t like to admit because, well, my life is amazing.  It’s actually part of the problem.  I’ve felt guilty for being happy.

Home in New Jersey, it is impossible to ignore the years of memories triggered by everywhere I look.  Secaucus hasn’t changed much, so there’s a deli to remind me of buing my mother her Virginia Slim Menthol 120 cigarettes and a Town Hall to remind me of dancing school where I was always the tallest and the most lost in my own thoughts, eating caramel apples and dreaming of New York City.  Then, of course, my old home is there, the home I didn’t buy from my mother when the bankrupsy began… I just felt wrong about it. Was I wrong to let the house go…?

Regrets upon regrets came up that I didn’t expect to feel.

Everyone has stuff that will likely never go away.  I don’t care who promises to help you erase, obliterate, transform or otherwise change things, its total BS that the memories will not still be there.  They should be there.  They’ve shaped you, they’ve tested you, they’ve stretched you and sometimes they’ve pummeled you… but they are all valid.

The pain in the memories though: that can be changed.

What I came to see in a week in New Jersey and New York was that I still had this lingering sense of struggle because there were so many things I just didn’t want to see from the past.  “Out of sight, out of mind” right?


Instead, it lingers like junk in drawers.  It rumbles.  It helps you to live in reaction rather than creation.  It saps your inspiration.  It keeps you small.

If you want to triumph over your struggles, you have to see them clearly.

Even if you need to call in professionals: therapists, guides, groups, mediators, priests, coaches…

Even if you have to approach things in tiny bits and pieces. 

You have to see it in order to triumph over it.

Once you can really see a situation for what it is, you can choose to think about it in a new way.  You can choose to see another vantage point.  You can pick which way to look.

This past week I wound up with a super-stuff neck and a sore throat.  So many things were not being expressed that had to be said, released, unwound…

As I’ve been doing my own looking, airing out, clearing and re-writing of some stories that have silently haunted me that were out of sight but not out of mind, my neck is back to normal. My throat is almost better.   My inspiration is slowly percolating. The color is back in my cheeks. My puppies are happy.

Its not always as easy as taking a detox bath or burning sage, though Space Clearing is often the catalyst to look at things more clearly.

Its not always as effortless as cleaning your closet, though that sometimes is the spark.

Every action you take to clear space in your life paves the way for this clear vision of what’s been tucked away, stuffed and cleverly kept out of sight. 

Keep clearing space and you’ll hit upon those demons and devils and wild memories that fly out of nowhere.

Every time I come up against one- or many- the struggle can be real. But on the other end of the struggle is tremendous freedom, real change, dramatic turn-arounds, incredible elevation…

If you need help: there are support groups for most anything that ails you, there are councellors, there are doctors, there are pros to help you….Search far & wide (Google) and you’ll find your help.

If you need tools: start by keeping a journal, try some EFT (tapping)… and CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER!

Don’t be afraid of the struggle.  Just stay in action.  Keep moving.  And keep looking at things for what they are.  In that place of clarity, you can really do anything.   I say that not because it sounds good. I say that because, out of necessity,  I’ve been forced to prove that over and over again since I was a kid.

Clarify your vision.  Tackle the demons.  Let yourself be free.

If you need help clearing space, HERE is where you can sign up for the FREE Catalyst Camp intro videos. They are up just a short while longer… and they are meant to help you spark this life-changing clarity.

xoxo Dana



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