Do You Let Yourself Have Downtime?

Apr 17, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


I’ve been beating a proverbial drum for more breaks, more rest and more relaxation for years now, really ramping up my sharing of the science that supports all of these “downtime” activities as crucial for wellbeing on every level in the past 6 months.

My personal conclusion: the more productive I am, the more downtime I need.

Beach time, spa time, Buddhist time, fun time, art time, vacation time…

Do you let yourself have real downtime? 



Downtime is not being lazy.  In fact, its very vital to have fresh ideas, inspiration, rejuvenation and a real glow.

Remember that next time you say you are too busy to take a break.

We all need breaks.

Beyond our worldwide sleep deprivation (HERE you can find the worldwide sleep averages, with Japan at the bottom of the scale and feng shui-loving China at the top of the sleep-hours-per-night), when we sleep lots of us don’t sleep deeply.

The major disruptor of sleep cycles these days? Bright light from monitors and screens before bed.

Phone, TV, iPad, laptop and more…

This stuff isn’t going away.  There are watches coming.  Glasses.  I’m sure there will be more and more invasive technology and in a somewhat ominous way, the more this pours in, the less chance you have to ever completely disengage from the barage of information, ideas and communication.

In a very brilliant aricle on being “too connected” and having absolutely no un-plugged downtime, 99U provides 5 suggestions (they are all right HERE) for creating a more technologically un-plugged life:

“2. Daily doses of deep thinking.
Perhaps “sacred space” is a new life tenet that we must adopt in the 21st century? Since we know that unplugging will only become more difficult over time, we will need to develop a discipline for ourselves. Back in the day when the TV became a staple of every American home, parents started mandating time for their children to read. “TV time” became a controlled endeavor because, otherwise, it would consume every waking moment. Now, every waking moment is “connected time,” and we need to start controlling it.

We need some rules. When it comes to scheduling, we will need to allocate blocks of time for deep thinking. Maybe you will carve out a 1-2 hour block on your calendar every day for taking a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee and just pondering some of those bigger things. I can even imagine a day when homes and apartments have a special switch that shuts down wi-fi and data access during dinner or at night – just to provide a temporary pause from the constant flow of status updates and other communications.”

This is quite good.  

Could you schedule this much time for yourself?

Yes you can. We all can. Rest, breaks. Time to do nothing.

This – more than anything else- builds huge momentum!

xoxo Dana

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