10 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Wellness Apothecary!

Apr 25, 2015 | Food-Shui

10 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into An Wellness Apothecary!

At the moment I have fresh thyme, oregano, spearmint, basil and a tray of microgreens growing in my kitchen.  There are lemons, organic oranges and lots of onions and garlic.  Ginger fresh and powdered. The pantry is stocked with more herbs. Salts from the sea.

It feels incredible to walk in and see the blooming, teeming, green and bright energy.

My kitchen is always vertible pharmacy.  My actual medicine cabinet is mainly essential oils and homeopathic remedies. The transition was very fast because I am such a champion of preventative medicine since I can’t take a lot of Western remedies.  I’m not opposed to medicine in a classic sense… I’ve just found that there are so many more ways to stay well than there are ways to cure things like colds and aches and pains.

It costs very little to fully stock and grow and cultivate a healing kitchen.  It feels… supernaturally enlivening.  But, even better: it will empower your home with extremely prosperous feng shui energy!

Ready to do this?!  Today, I’m sharing  my top 10 tips to turn your kitchen into a wellness factory! 

healing herbs

1. Grow fresh herbs that you love to eat….and grow them  All the basil in the world won’t heal you if you hate eating basil.   Keep scissors and a spray bottle nearby so you can refresh them with a spritz throughout the day…and scissors to clip them every day!  Add fresh herbs to salads, to eggs, to roasted veggies, to dressings… You can’t go wrong.

2. Charts like the above can help you to stock what you need to feel great.  I like to keep a little cheat sheet printed inside of my pantry door to know what to reach for if I need some herbal reinforcement.

3. Garlic + Honey are always on hand.  Chop some fresh garlic with honey (a clove to a teaspoon of honey is the way I do it) and keep it in a little glass jar in the fridge for a day or two to eat by the spoonful when you feel a cold coming on.   I also add fresh garlic to food when I feel a little under the weather or depleted as it is so reinforcing. I don’t do this often (too much is nauseating) but when you need it, its amazing!

baking soda

4. Always have baking soda around.  I keep huge boxes of baking soda in the bathroom and the kitchen.  HERE’s my favorite aura-glowing bath that is unstoppable.  You can also add a spoon of baking soda to a cup of warm salt water to chase away sore throats!

5.  Powdered turmeric (organic, high quality) is in stock in my pantry in droves.  Use a whole tablespoon in soup when you need extra anti-inflammatory properties.  Or drink some delicious Turmeric Tea daily to reinforce your anti-inflammatory efforts. When you do this, add black pepper and some fat (make sure there’s some oil in the soup, salad dressing, etc) to amp up the turmeric healing properties.

6. Cinnamon also stars in my kitchen.  My acupuncturist taught me the power of a half teaspoon of organic cinnamon in a huge mug of hot water and a tablespoon of honey every day.  I do this in winter to add the warming, energizing greatness of this potion.

7. My mission is to keep more lemons at home.  Organic lemons in water will help purify your body of excess acid naturally.  

8. Keep bulk sea salt in your kitchen.  I use sea salt everywhere for home and beauty.  A sea warm salt gargle (a half teaspoon in a cup of warm water) for a stressed out throat is perfection.  Sea salt also makes for an energetically detoxifying bath.  A cup in a hot bath is fantastic.

9. Teas that heal and balance are always wonderful. I store them in big mason jars to keep them fresh longer, even when they are “wrapped up” tea bags.  I keep a sleeptime blend, an organic green tea… and I grow some version of fresh mind to cool off and balance after big meals.

10.  Fresh ginger is another essential.  HERE are all the ways to use fresh ginger that I love.  You can also shred, chop and toss it into veggies as they sautee to make them brighter and more memorable. Fresh ginger stores anywhere its relatively dry and cool (it will be ok if its warm, but it dries out much faster, so use it faster!)

And… of course… anything you need and love to feel good can make its way into your kitchen.  Herbs, spices, teas, oils (coconut has a trillion uses, ghee does, too!), gelatin, magnesium powder… There are so many ways to ramp up your home apothecary.

And, as you do this, remember: your kitchen is the most prosperous room in your home so, in any way you can, make it spectacular!!!

xoxo Dana



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