Adding Yarn To Walls Can Be Magnificent!

Apr 29, 2015 | Life With Art

yarn wall hanging


Whether its a yarn and twine woven dreamcatcher or a whole wall draped in yarn, the addition of woven, spun, handmade greatness to your home brings an element of soft to a space like almost nothing else can. This unique twist on art can be bought or made… and actually made quite easily at times… with results that are full-fledged super-stunning! 



Not just one dreamcatcher… a whole wall to catch dreams…!

pom pom wall

(sugar and cloth)

THIS DIY pom pom wall hanging is on my gift list for a friend… and also on my mind for my own office!  It’s such an easy project but the results are so spectacular!!! I’m hitting the downtown yarn shops to pull together my pompoms!

latch hook rug


This vintage latch hook rug is so very very right!

wall hanging yarn


What about just plain yarn on branches?

a beautiful mess easy wall hanging

Or this extra-stellar, and actually easy DIY wall hanging from A Beautiful Mess?!  You can do it, really you can, and how to is right here. 

I just can’t wait to get my hands on some yarn to spin up pompoms for a big wall installation!   Are you excited to try a little softness on your own walls?

xoxo Dana


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