Brittany Wright Food Art Rainbows!

Apr 29, 2015 | Food-Shui

brittany wright food gradients Brittany Wright seeems to be a  kindred soul as I read her posted bio on her website: “I’m working on my life goal of teaching myself how to cook everything and anything. I enjoy the science behind cooking and experimenting with flavors. I see food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.

While she works on her life goal… a real passion-mission… she creates photographs that are eye-poppingly gorgeous ombres and spectrums, rainbows of produce, pasture eggs… Delightful slices of citrus, whole berries and persimmons…

She’s taken a passion and approached it from a completely unique angle that seems totally intuitive… and vibrantly successful.

The result isn’t just art that you’ll want to have around (*you can buy prints of some favorites HERE) to demonstrate abundance.  Her photographs are also an inquiry into the wonder of nature, the infinite variations and the ways in which things ripen, change, develop…

Today, some favorites from Brittany Wright in ombres and spectrums that are garden-fresh!


How stellar is this farm-plucked rainbow?

brittany wright food gradients

In thrilled that my bag of organic rainbow carrots await me today!

brittany wright food gradients

Berries in every stage of ripeness…

brittany wright food gradients

For all the days I’ve waited for my persimmons to be honey-like and squishy to finally eat them…

brittany wright food gradients

This reminds me of the first time I ever saw bushes of berries at camp in New York in the countryside, where I was shocked to see how they seem to turn color unevenly and spectacularly from bright green to magenta, section by juicy section of each berry…


And some lovely citrus, because where would we be without its sunshine?

You can find so much more of Brittany Wright’s photography HERE.  You can buy your own abundant prints (think: prosperity, money, wealth, nature) right HERE.  And before you do aything else I recommend taking a second to follow her Instagram right HERE!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana



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