Boho Minimalism For The Creatively Calm Life!

Apr 30, 2015 | Home Style

boho minimalism

I happen to love everything that sings of bohemian chic.. but my own space is full if white curtains, flooded with light, I am facing one bright orange sofa, one bright teal one to the left… taestry on the wall… bet the rest is white open space.  Boho minimalism.  There’s some disco (the gold mirror, the mantle full of gold 70’s relics mixed with crystals) and there’s some hyper-natural hanging plants, a battered antique dining table, orchids and bromeliads and leavy greens in every corner…

Do you love the boho fantasy but can’t handle the overwhelm of stuff everywhere?  Are you more suited to be a hyper-minimal bohemian?  Here’s some of my most eye-catching creative design inspiration to bring the boho fantasy home with a light hand and an eye toward creative calm. 

boho minimalism

When even your floors are white, everything you add to a space takes on a supernatural glow of preeminence.

minimalist boho



Keep everything in the cool realm of pastel and blue with lots of wood and you have the untimate flowing energy space… simple and complex all at once!

minimalist boho


Easy adds to create a very spare boho space: drape your favorite necklaces over the corner of your dresser mirror, hang some on the wall on a candle holder or a coat hook…  Tie some dried blooms or herbs to the wall or drop in a sparkling chandelier.

boho minimal


While there’s ostensibly a bit more happening in this room, the basic idea is a modern grey sofa, a very simple modern coffee table, and a color pallette of largely corals and a bit of red to layer personality into the space.

boho minimal


This proves that more texture allows for less color, less stuff and maximum visual impact.

Its time to grab myself a copy of what promises to be the best Boho book ever- The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney– and settle into more refined ideas for design with creative calm in mind.

Stay inspired… and surround yourself with inspiration everywhere!  On that note, I need to plant my new patio planter full of ever-green goodies!  xoxo Dana



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