5 Ideas To Find Brilliance In Every Day!

May 2, 2015 | Creativity

rare succulents

Robotic sameness is the enemy of appreciating life, you know? My grandma woud say, “It’s a sin to be bored,” and it is, actually, when you think about it.  Boredome is like saying “I’ll let my time on the planet just pass me by…” rather than “I’m so lucky I have today to experience!”

You don’t need to go through life in perfect bliss to still be making the best out of things.

I hope you make more of of things anyway, no matter what is happening.

Here are a five ideas to spark a little more love for today! 

1. Investigate something you are curious about.  I’m always curious about succulents. I think its in my DNA.  Not only have I found really rare ones lately (see above!) I’m learning how to grow whole gardens from little tiny clippings that grow and grow and grow.  I plan to ask for a little piece of the wine-speckled yellow guy above for my own collection.  This excites me.

You have your own things that are curiousity… things that can be stretched and explored in major ways.

plant power way

2. Look for role models, not for competition.  Julie Piatt & Rich Roll have created one of my role model families.  (*their new book is incredible, by the way!) They are such an awesome example of what kind of synergy and artistry and teamwork is possible.

What I see happening more often is that when a “role model” is identified, jealousy ensues lots of the time.  A wise man taught me that you can’t simultaneously harm and do good.  Jealousy harms you much more than it harms anyone else. Why not let people inspire you and let that be the energy that moves you through the day with a wider sense of possibility?

3. Wear your “nice clothes” to an everyday event.  I just wore a cocktail dress to a daytime art opening in the middle of a dustbowl area of Downtown LA. Its really refreshing. You may like it if you try it.  Like: a party dress to the supermarket or a great suit to the movies.

dana claudat

4. Seek out color, everywhere.  This is Downtown LA.  I think the next batch of photos I have to take will be right here, in the pink, the maroon, the ice grey and the crazy blue walls everywhere.  Color is just so powerful.  And yes, there’s the backless cocktail dress in all its now-dusty glory. your aura

5. Dare to dematerialize life a little bit!  It isn’t black and white. It isn’t simple.  But there are forces that are everywhere that we don’t fully understand.  Like the many fields of our body. The eerie quantum physics that has been tested and proven for decades, the ways we telepathically communicate.  There are invisible forces propelling us everywhere, circling us, uniting all of life.  Dig into a bit of the esoteric and you’ll see that even your ordinary salad is a universe onto itself!

Every day is valuable, even if it isn’t all sparkly.  I got so dehydrated in the oven of the asphalt city that my tounge felt like lead and I almost fainted…. But it was still amazing!

Explore, ask, pop on colorful filters and find the freshness in the day!  xoxo Dana


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    • danaclaudat

      oh how great! i really need to start “asking” if I can have little clippings of great ones i see! thank you for the inspiration!!! xoxo Dana


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