Inspiration & The Monumental Greatness Of Becoming A Creative Channel

May 2, 2015 | Creativity

become a creative channel

Are you open to your creativity… or, does it scare you a bit?

In a zone of creativity, your mind isn’t quite the same.

In fact, your brain literally has to shut off in part (more on this here) to really allow inspiration and the somewhat mystical creative process to flow.

This is why lots of artists are also frequent lovers of all types of escapism and extremes, to enter a zone where that flow of energy moves like a channel for greatness to flow.

There are so many exercises (writing with your non-dominant hand, visualization, etc, etc) to create a situation of a perfect creative storm to ignite this flow…

But, no matter what exercise or lifestyle switch or great adventure you try, there’s a key piece that seems to go missing in people who lapse into shut-down, stuck and “this just doesn’t work for me” creative slumps.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about allowing inspiration into your life.

Truth: it’s scary when you open up to more energy. 

It’s like electricity flying through your body at times, with voices and visions that no one can really understand at times. Who can you tell? How do you know it’s safe? What’s happening?!

That zone of greatness that we all aspire to feel- the real magic- can be overwhelming in its lack of control.

Just like my new fitness lifestyle that I’ll share more about soon, everything is a practice. I have much more practice in deep channeling of inspiration than in running on treadmills, but I can tell you that each trip to the gym leaves me trusting myself and my body more.

In the world of inspiration it’s been my experience that its all about trusting in a larger universal sense of goodness much more.

Simple. Difficult.

You can develop that trust in the magical good of life by practicing it.

Start by showing up fully in body, mind and spirit.

become a creative channel

Connect to your own truth.  

Real creativity can’t be copied or thought through with reason. That’s part of the reason why every time I see my ideas hijacked by someone who passes them off as original, they fall flat. Copying is a mental exercise. Creating is a total body and mind and spirit synergy. It is most annoying to see imitations of ideas of mine that have helped tons of people look and sound ridiculous when they are flatly lifted and not borne of anything real.

Let’s just say that no one has launched a career off of copying other people. No matter how many gurus may teach that copying is the best place to start.

I once had the joy of seeing a batch of fake Picasso’s being shopped around as real. Down to the brushstroke they were flawless. They looked real. They had many real indications of authenticity to the eye of even a trained professional. But, they felt dead and flat.

Greatness is authentic. Crying when you hear someone sing from their soul is real. Hearing the same song covered by someone without passion is lame.

Inspiration is everywhere if you let it in. 

I often find the most inspiration in conversations with strangers in the supermarket, little walks, making really awesome fruit salad. Small stuff that comes from a heightened place of synergy. You don’t need to visit a museum or take a great voyage to be inspired.

Practice more of that trust in the channel that you are. 

  • Carry a little book and write down your great ideas.
  • Start painting for fun and don’t judge yourself.
  • Let yourself take action on a wild idea, even just to see what it might be like… like traveling around the world in a caravan… anything… let it become real and feel it.
  • Try books like The Artist’s Way and invest in your creativity.
  • That hobby that you can get lost in for hours… practice it more as a regular thing.

And when it feels scary, realize that it is excitement, not real danger. It’s shaking up and waking up what has been stuck in one place. It’s supposed to feel new and different and fresh and even a bit nuts.

By the way… even if you aren’t an artist by trade, you are a creator. The more you trust in this wild power, the more it will move you past everything you every thought was impossible into infinite possibility.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Rebecca

    What an inspired post. Thank you, so much, for the spirited motivation and beautifully creative suggestions and advice! It all makes feel wonderful! I really do enjoy your blog. You can tell how much of you you put into it. It’s real, honest, creative, and compassionate. All things this world needs more of.
    Stay wonderful, Dana!
    ~<3 xo


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