6 Ideas To React In More Awesome Ways When Things Aren’t All Awesome!

May 4, 2015 | Prosperity

be awesome

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The greatest truism echoed through most every philosophy I’ve encountered in life goes something like this:

You can’t control outcomes in life. You can only control your reactions and responses… your own creativity and actions.

Its easy to be shiny and bright and giving and caring when you feel great.

On dark or stormy days, its not as intuitive to be shiny and happy. It’s way easier to be a victim.

No matter what’s happening around you right now, the greatest way to be more cause over things rather than victim is to react awesomely to whatever is going on as much as you can. Authentically. Calmly. Constructvely.  Not easy.  Definitely life-changing. 

dana claudat

Here, I sat on a pile of dust.

It would have ruined my outing in the past, running around in an expensive dress covered in soot, but instead it was a two second thing to deal with.

I’m grateful that I learned to stay less attached to specific outcomes over time.

Perspective sometimes comes from weird events.

Yesterday I slid down steps at the gym.  Totally crazy.  It was tempting to fall apart emotionally (it didnt hurth that bad) because it was the last thing I needed to experience as I’m about to type up a storm in May, landing on both forearms … but instead  of flipping out I thought of how distracted I’ve been for the last three days and realized, though both arms are bruised, I got off easy.  What if that distraction- the way I was dealing with volitile energy around me, even thought it wasn’t my own creation- created something way worse?

It was a little (big) wake-up call.  I met a new friend.  I started to acknowledge what I’ve avoided.  Its all worked out now.  Except for a few bruises, a bent iPhone 6 to replace and an extra day off from the gym!

Breathe before you fire out words when you are super mad. 

There’s nothing like anger to set off a firestorm that creates no productive ends.  I don’t think any situation in my own life has been solved in a rage.  I don’t think that anything helpful comes out of harming other people with words.  You don’t feel better. No one feels better.

Look around to get your balance before you get too enveloped in fear. 

A great exercise to get perspective and balance when things get anxious and tense: go outside and look at far-away objects.  Now look at things up close.  Now, far away.  You’ll get a sense of how big the world is and how big you can be within the world as well.

Take things in stride.  Not everything goes our way all the time. 

No one wins everything all the time.

You deserve days off. 

Take them.

Its in times when things are off track that you get to learn where your blindspots are… and correct them! 

That’s the whole point- the only point- I see to adversity, struggle, challenge, obstacles… how they help you to get brighter and better.

Be awesome as much as you can. It will get reflected back to you everywhere you look!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Kim

    I have had multiple falls (and even little fender benders!) that I instantly recognized as wake-up calls. I really try to stay aware now!



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