7 Feng Shui Tips For Revolutionary Spring Cleaning!

May 5, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

spring cleaning

Spring is when life shakes out of winter hibernation and things start to bloom.

The energy you invest in a garden is most often reflected in 
the way that it flourishes.

Same goes for everything in life.

Feng shui philosophy teaches that the more you invest in nurturing, brightening, weeding and feeding your home with greatness the more your space will powerfully support your dreams.

That’s what Spring Cleaning is all about: creating a space that powerfully supports your dreams. You weed out the junk, polish things to sparkle, add fresh light, flood spaces with sensory greatness using everything from art to aromatherapy… and you get rewarded with an environment that elevates your whole life.

You can read all 7 of my favorite practical and feng shui magical ways to do Spring Cleaning at the Inspired Home blog. The International Housewares Association has helped me to expand into a wealth of new knowledge and experience new, cutting edge products in home & wellness. I am thrilled for you to experience their blog and see all that I’ve learned lately to help make space shine!   xoxo Dana


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