One Great Big Guide To Balancing Your Chakras!

May 9, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

chakra booster chart

(chakra boosters)

Chakras are the subtle energy centers thought to balance and “control” the body in a subtle, powerful way.  For example, a chakra is said to contain information from both present and past lives about our history that is manifest in our emotions, our talents and even our dreams and worries.

I used to think the chakras were a bunch of hoo-ha.  I mean, the system seemed outmoded and the ways I’ve seen it applied were… skimpy at best.

Then I met a healer who put his hand on my stomach (3rd chakra, the one in yellow on the chart) and told me more about my life than any “psychic” could guess.   After balancing that chakra in his mysterious ways, life was never the same in the coolest way possible.

flower essence chakras

(using flower essences to balace the chakras is another holisitc tool that is little known and very powerful) 

Donna Eden writes extensively about the chakras in her books.  Well worth a Google if you are interested.  She’s talked about seeing the lineage of a person’s DNA by examining their chakras. She teaches ways to balance them yourself.

I find that lifestyle habits are the most fool-proof way to balance energy.  This chart from Chakra Boosters is a great way to see where you may be out of whack, and the suggestions to make shifts in lifestyle are simple and practicable.

Its certainly not a typical way to approach an issue, but it can compliment anything else you are doing to solve a problem, and its all positive reinforcement… so it certainly can’t hurt, you know?

HERE’s some feng shui for all the chakras to take the habits of balance to your space, too!

Have fun & feel great!  xoxo Dana

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