A Great Chart To Charge & Clean Your Crystals!

May 11, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

charge crystals


(the mind unleashed)

My house has a crystal collection that is expanding at a really nice rate of magnetic greatness!

And if you have crystals… you need to keep them plugged in and fueled with the energy of the Earth.

That’s where they come from, so it makes sense that they need to stay bathed in nature and pure Earth energy to bring the best energy to your space!

My favorite method these days: moonlight during full moons.

And I have many others not included on this basic and yet excellent list.

But, as beach season approaches (and my collection grows) I’ll be carrying piles of stones in my beach bag, wrapped in my beach towel to keep ’em safe, out to the sand and sea to get an ocean wash whenever possible, and most ceratinly to get lots of sunshine, too.

Have fun, be intuitive, but be sure to keep all the living things in your space- crystal energy included- truly thriving!!!  xoxo Dana


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