The Incredible Space-Igniting Beauty Of Feather Juju Hats!

May 13, 2015 | Home Style

feathered juju

(tabletonic is my go-to shop for everything feathered juju hat!)

Long long ago when my blog was a Tumblr and I dreamed of doing more actual design, I would revel in the posts on the Australian blog (and shop) site Tabletonic.  Louise posted these feathered phenemonons that I came to know as feathered juju hats.  Having seen this trend from its beginnings, I am goining to boldly credit her for single-handedly popularizing what is now my favorite design goodie.  In fact, they are soooo good that I think two juju hats will make their way over my bed this year, the prime spot for all of art in my house!

Today, a showcase of the juju hat is in order. While they are not inexpensive, they are singular and definititely a space revolution to create soft, powerful texture and color and focus and interest in any room.  Dare I say a design can’t fail with a juju hat in the mix? Yes, I believe that’s very true!

multicolored juju

(one kings lane featured this one on sale… a toast to multicolored greatness!)

A dose of multicolored is always welcome. And one just like this I feel is perfection for a friend’s home! Emailing her now… !

juju hats


Fabulous feathers behind a sofa are ultimate wow-factor.

feathered juju

(etsy has fabulous rainbows of juju hats)

There are so many options to punctuate a room with a giant, fluffy, spectacular focal point!

feathered juju


One really really big one is all you need!

feathered juju

(kronbali also sells gorgeous juju, though no prices are listed)

Though a colorful grouping is an investment… its impossible to forget, and pretty much encompasses all the art you’ll ever need in a room!

feathered juju hats

(planete deco)

So stunning, its hard to imagine anything better in its place!

While as I mentioned, my bedroom is a prime candidate for a duo of juju hats, it only takes one to make a space totally shine.  I’ve sen them in hallways, on mantles, in foyers, dazzling up a living room…

But I want to put some in an office, too!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, so please, go crazy-wild and send me pictures of what you create!  xoxo Dana



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