Here’s Why Colored Candles Are Amazing!

May 16, 2015 | Home Style

red candles


The idea of colored candles theming a post on a design blog is hardly original.  While I admired many of the posts I found while scouring for the best colored candle inspiration, I’m including this one because it is something I don’t think enough about, yet a quick fix for any home’s feng shui.

Both are my ideas- not feng shui per say- and yet both methods of colored candle using have stood up to the test of time and I love them a whole lot! 



The first thing you can do with colored candles is use them  to create baance in an area of the bagua more clearly.  If you have my DIY feng shui guide you know that you can use color to add elements to a room that create a more harmonious space.  While candles are small, the fact that they are vertical and illuminated is very powerful, indeed.


(williams sonoma)

Imagine how much passion a table full of red tapers will bring to a room?

black tapers


Check out the power in near-black mystery.  While I once saw black as a color too morbid to be symbolic, it now reads to me as rare, tasteful and sophisticated.

colored tapers


You can find every color in the rainbow.  At the Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles I find such shades of intensity mixed with pastel- the color of plates and dishes hand thrown and hand glazed-  that I become mesmirized with color mixing.  At Heath I got my first forest green tapers for a lantern candle gift intended to ignite the creativity of a friend who was stuck in life.

It worked!

colored candles


Now… you can also use candles to represent your wishes.

Color can be coded to your dreams and desires.

And as each candle burns, you symbolically fuel your passion.

You can get a great sense of both the bagua in my way along with feng shui elemental colors in the DIY guide to make this hyper-clear and specific.

colored candles


From eye candy to color-coded dreams, the subtle beauty og something as simple as colored tapers can create unforgettable,  illuminated beauty in your home for dollars!  xoxo Dana


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