Feng Shui For A Glowing Kitchen Full Of Nutrition & Beauty!

May 21, 2015 | Uncategorized


Each one of my articles for Inspired Home is a gift, because the International Housewares Association has opened my eyes to a spectrum of new products, new releases and specialty goodies that will literally rock your world.

Today’s piece is on kitchens.  Do you love your kitchen?


In the ancient philosophy of feng shui, the kitchen is the center of both wealth and health in your home. When you create a more functional, organized and beautiful kitchen, you lift the energy of the room — and everything you cook — in the most prosperous way. Small shifts to polish and lift the energy of your kitchen open up your life to vibrant abundance and deliciousness! If you haven’t been cooking, have trouble sticking to healthier habits or find your kitchen is always a mess, these tips can help you to make a big breakthrough.

You can read the whole article HERE on Inspired Home.  

xoxo Dana


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