Feng Shui To Help You Confront Your Demons

May 21, 2015 | Prosperity

Feng Shui To Help You Confront Your Demons

When you are faced with immense beauty you feel beauty.

When you are faced with darkness… it’s hard to feel beauty. I don’t care how spiritually advanced or anything that you are, it’s really hard to feel awesome in the face of someone who has harmed you, in the face of something that terifies you or in a space where you are up against one of your own demons.

The awful truth is that its very hard- perhaps impossible- to overcome something you can’t confront.

And the other truth I see is that you certainly don’t need to put yourself in danger to be rid of a demon.

So, today’s feng shui is all about facing your demons even if it feels like you would rather hide. 

face demons

While I’d hardly call myself enlightened, I’m no stranger to demon-slaying.  If you know a bit about me you’ve probably heard I was in a decade-long half-dead struggle with anorexia as a kid, I’ve been nearly toppled from an autoimmune assult on my body, I was raised in part on welfare and with abuse all around me, I flipped around immense, soul-crushing debt… both my parents suddenly died out of the blue not far apart… and somehow, each thing, among the many, each one made me somehow greater in the end.

I don’t carry traces of these demons with me any more – at least not in ways I see reflected around me- since I made demon-slaying– something I characterize as transforming karma.  It is a huge part of my Buddhist practice. It’s a big part of my life.


That said, there are always a few demons lingering, since life well-lived is also multifaced, you know?

Indeed, I have one demon staring me in the face right now.  This is-  by far-  the most toxic person I’ve met in my life since my father, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing, a terrible liar and a seriously devious and selfish person that borderlines on terrifying.  When it was revealed to me just how toxic the situation was, I was so startled and taken aback it took me months to recover.  Now, I may just have to confront this demon… and it’s forced me to revisit the methods and manners of confronting fear that have been triumphant in the past.

The advice I get in regard this situation has ranged from “stay away” to “this is an opportunity to overcome this.”

How you chose to slay your demonds is up to you… but there’s a lot of energy-changing stuff that helps in these situations and I’m calling upon it all right now in doses so magnificent that it will work out to be the right decision… no matter what decision it is!

Here we go… a whole lot of facing demons for the day:

1. Keep your energy high. If you are stressed, you are low.  If you are calm, you are high.

Strangely, anger is a good sign.  It’s far above not-caring.  You have to care in order to be angry.  It’s more righteous than fear.  So… if you are extremely irate… you are on your way.  Take a boxing class, kick pillows, write it out… run it out of your body.  It will take you to a higher place where you matter more than anything external and you can see things clearly.

When I need to keep my energy high, my time at my Buddhist temple doubles and triples.  My time taking walks and going on hikes is exponentially great.  I eat extremely well and tons of what I eat is kale, super-nutrients and lots of water.

You can’t be weak and strong all at once.

2. Know that it’s possible.  List your triumphs.  If you look at what you’ve done in the past you can see what you can do in the present.  We’ve all had personal triumphs.  Remind yourself of what you are capable of and know that even if this demon is bigger than the ones in the past, you can overcome it completely.

3. Don’t empower your demons.  The more you make decisions based on fears of any kind, the more you give power to what you don’t want.  Thanks to a friend for reminding me of that one!

4. Resolve to slay the demon. You want to be done with it.  Be done with it.

5.  Change the mirror image. For whatever reason whatever is still looking around your life is a part of your life… so see how it may be mirrored in your own life.  I met the demon of the day when my own life was in turmoil and now that I’ve resolved this turmoil  for myself I no longer fear meeting similar demons.

The problems aren’t really outside of us, you know? Other people just magnify our beliefs and fears.

Feng shui is a powerful tool to change the mirror in your home, whether you need to overcome low self-esteem, a life-draining relationship, health issues, career blocks… You can adjust so much in your home to change your life.

Journals are another extremely powerful tool, even just keeping a basic one.

6.  Get all the help you need. If you need help, go get it.  EFT is awesome.  Support groups can be powerful. Art therapy is revolutionary.  Energy healing blows my mind.

And of course, get help from people in the field of your issue. You might need a finance expert. You might need a coach.  Or a nutritionist. Naturapath.

You can find so much help, especially with the assistance of the Internet!

7. Purge the toxic.  Whatever you decide to do, purge the demon from your system completely.  Along with the energy and the ideas that go along with it.  THESE ideas can get you started!

The idea behind this is that the memories… the notion… the people… the situation… it can’t harm you any more. That’s when you’ve succeeded.

And you will succeed.

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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