The Magic Of Setting Boundaries While Staying Open To Greatness!

May 22, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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There are energy fields around us that have been studied and measured. After all, we are energy.  We are all made up of buzzing charged particles and we are animated by electricity. Our food, all of nature, plants, of course our pets and, really, everything, has an electric pulse.

I mention this because that glow that you feel when you are well rested, peaceful, charged with creative purpose and otherwise full of life… that glow is vital.  It’s your self being expressed in life.

But… if you’ve had people sort of walk into your energy field (literally- like people who get too close for comfort that you don’t know or feel great having that near to you) in a negative way, you’ve experienced the feeling of your personal boundaries collapsing.  Your space gets invaded.

In fact, some energy healers talk of the ways that vampire-type personalities actually find weaknesses in your energy field and sneak their way in… subtly and then very obviously draining you of your radiance, motivation and life force.

Not everyone needs to get into your energy field.

And even those you love need to have their own strong personal vibrant space while you maintain your own.

Boundaries are magical in this way.  They keep invaders out… while letting you thrive and connect when it feels good!  If you have a hard time setting boundaries, these feng shui energy ideas are for you!

aura soma

(if you’ve never heard of Aura Soma color  healing perfumes and therapy bottles, you’ll love this!) 

While you first have to be clear that no one can trample on you any more…

And you need to be responsible for the fact that you’ve allowed it to happen in the past…

Here are some Feng Shui ways to get so strong in your personal boundaries while still staying open to the world of greatness around you!

1. Decrease your electronics. Electronics have lots of scrambling frequencies.  Taking a break from non-stop internet, TV, headsets and video games can help you get more linked in to the frequencies of nature that will keep you strong.

2. Take baths in a cup of baking soda. One cup of baking soda in hot water in a bath is a wonderous tool to rebuild your energy field.  If you want to take this to the next level, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book will teach you how to fluff up your aura and repeair any weaknesses so that you are ultra fortified!

3. Get to know your energy.  Take a day doing the most blissful things you can imagine doing locally in a day.  At the end of the day, how do you feel?  After a life-changing session with a healer I felt my hands and feet for the first time in years while blissed out.  You may be surprised what you feel when you check in with yourself after an amazing day.   What do your thoughts look like? What do your eyes look like when you look in the mirror?

4. Say NO to people who create harm.  It’s astonishing to see that in this world that people can do terrible things, not apologize, and think that they can just reappear at will and resume the status quo.  This low responsibility level and out-of-touch behavior creates social situations where you are expected to “take the high road” and feign friendship, or resume a relationship, or go back to the office… all without any repair or any conversation.  You know: the boss who flips out like a maniac until you cry, slams phones and then expects things to be normal in the morning?   Or the person you are dating who comes and goes and thinks “it’s all good.”

Accepting this poor treatment without making a decision or at the least a change without you that prevents yourself from being damaged is akin to consenting to it.

While you may need to have tact in your career more than anywhere else in order to make positive changes (and maintain a job :)) , you still need to stay strong so that you can energetically disengage from the craziness, so that your boundaries won’t be trampled.

gold lips

(love the golden light of this art decor print)

5. Stay away from people who make you feel ill at ease.  And if you can’t fully avoid them, avoid engaging emotionally.  Try imagining yourself covered in gold light when you are around them.  Gold is a shielding color that allows you to expand in the process of protecting yourself.  This tip comes from Wala’a of The Color Recipie.  It’s a great one.

plants in house


6. Make your space strong.  Strong spaces mirror strong lives.  I can’t enough of the Portland house featured in Design*Sponge!  It bursts with life and freshness.

Strong spaces are built with lots of nature. They are clear of clutter, free of obstacles and bright… like you at your best.

7. Learn from great wisdom on setting boundaries. I’ve suggested in the past that many people who email me asking questions attend Alanon meetings.  Alanon is masterful to learn the dynamics of healthy boundaries, to break free of co-dependence and also to learn how to love yourself more and more in the process.   Of course, therapists, healers, art therapy and other specific groups can do wonders to open people up to their blind spots and help them to set boundaries that are meaningful.

love yourself

And… in all this boundary-setting, all this resetting of life… you expand in the process.  With each big leap ahead, you’ll likely see new boundaries to set.  Set ’em.  While at first glance it may seem selfish of closed to be full of boundaries… those boundaries actually open you up to connect to people in healthy ways that fill your life with synergy… and don’t drain your energy!!!

xoxo Dana

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And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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