Housecleaning To Create Awesome Karma!

May 24, 2015 | Prosperity

house cleaning

You can change the course of your life… by cleaning your house.

Seasonal Cleaning at my Buddhist temple left me feeling confident and peaceful.

I forgot it was happening (it’s a twice yearly event) so I was wearing a long silk dress with my hair everywhere…

So, in that dress, with my hair in a self-knotted bun, I set out to make the bathrooms sparkle. There’s a reason I head straight to the bathrooms to clean (*more to come on this) and there’s a reason I didn’t care about clothes, hair or anything else…

Cleaning this building was a chance to change my karma. Its a great “cause” to make… and that leads to great “effects” in the future. Cause and effect. That’s karma in action.

In the process of scrubbing, polishing and taking out bags of trash, I realized from a totally fresh vantage point how many times the simple act of housecleaning had transformed my life… and the lives around me, too. 

My Mom cleaned as a form of meditation.

The only time I truly saw her really at peace was after she steamed the carpets and scrubbed the floors and ruthlessly cleaned every single spot of everything in the entire house. I could see her anger and frustration coming out as she shook laundry and beat the dust out of pillows.

I could see her thinking…and connecting… and understanding…

I never deeply embraced housecleaning until my third apartment. Before that, I wasn’t “home” much, I didn’t care that much about being “home” and I had no desire to “waste my time.”

I wasn’t living the life my Mom chose, so the idea of dedicating a large part of even one day to cleaning felt extremely unnecessary.

Now, it’s something I look forward to… and so does my mind!

life detox

Cleaning is problem-solving. Today, the problem vexing me needed to unfold. Rather than thinking or talking… I decided to leap into the bathrooms of the temple and start scrubbing. It was when I found a few rogue spiderwebs that the light bulb flashed in my mind: “There a lot of stuff I can’t see that’s lurking in my mind and collecting dust… I have to find my own blind spots.”

Now, I know how to handle a big challenge in front of me, hopefully with grace, and definitely with self-confidence!

Do you have persistent problems that need to be finally solved?  A little life-detox can be a brilliant thing!   If you haven’t done the FREE life-detox jump start yet, you can start it HERE!

Cleaning is also a form of devotion.

I rush to the bathrooms at the temple to clean because those bathrooms are the thing no one wants to do! The idea is, the harder the task, the more benefits you receive from the task. That’s the idea I took on as the truth, and it really makes a difference.

Plus… cleaning is… prosperous!!!

As I was cleaning, a woman from Chicago came in to tell me, “You know, the woman who cleaned the Temple bathroom in Chicago became a multimillionaire.”

That doesn’t surprise me.

When you clean you make your life shine more. It may seem insignificant, but the outside reflects the inside. And while the outside vision may be aspirational for a while if you aren’t feeling awesome right now, if you keep going you’ll get to a place where it reflects the inside that’s shining bright!!!

Give it a try, some regular cleaning up that you do approach with this new attitude.

See what happens!

And… feel free to let me know. I love hearing from you!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Lenka

    Dear Dana, your post made one of my hidden memories open: it happened several years ago when I just awake from a really unhealthy relationship. I was surprised and shocked where I let that man to lead me and how much I was reduced and ruined. I was alone in a town I didn’t like, in a flat with no taste. I wasn’t able to change anything at that moment but I spontaneously began to clean: my closet, kitchen cabinets, the whole flat. And while cleaning my flat I decided what to do next, how to restore my life. My friend said: you couldn’t clear your mind so you cleaned the space.
    I have found a new job and moved to Prague where I met many inspiring friends, started to study art therapy and met my husband. Now 8 years later I’m thankful for that experience.
    I read your blog regulary and it often resonates with my opinions and ideas. Thank you for your hard work and sharing thoughts. Lenka

    • danaclaudat

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful life experience… I love how it all leads to the right place 🙂 xoxoxoxo


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