How Do You Revitalize Yourself?

May 27, 2015 | Creativity

Immerse Yourself In Revitalization!I’m getting ready for the mindbodygreen #Revitalize conference and I have to say, all day I’ve been pre-revitalizing myself!

I do a load of “self-love” stuff every day, but sometimes a really rejuvenating time requires a little more that daily detox baths and energy healing.

Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in revitalization. Especially where you’ve been stuck.

raspberry smoothie

(* I always keep frozen organic berries in the freezer as they always come in handy!!!)

My own life has been less-than-glamorous lately, so I am literally “beauty revitalizing “all day.  Huge haircut soon, massive Buddhist chanting to get glowing, drinking a pile of organic raspberries… face mask, brows done, closet cleared, bag packed.  I’m taking this weekend as a return to the thing that once made my life tick and now is just a here & there thing as I write and style and video things for weeks on end: FASHION.

This is really fun!

Where have you been languishing?  Socializing? In a work rut? Feeling lackluster in the love department? 

THIS vintage YouTube presents a great exercise to help you see where you maight need a little immersive makeover!



Can you sweep away a single day to take off from everything and indulge? How about an extra hour… and do that more often?  I’m grateful to have a feel-great three days ahead that are an immersion… but when I don’t, I often go to the local Korean spa for a few hours and feel renewed in the salt saunas.  Do as much as you can in the service of your rejuvenation!


Believe me, it’s one thing for me to get a haircut, and its quite another for me to be actually styling my hair on a regular basis.

Creating a habit of feeling great is where it’s at!

This means, in lieu of my hair becoming a mop by next week, I am actually more than a little exciyed about making a bit of time to actually have a hairstyle.  This is a huge thing for me!

In your case, it may be writing a page of your project severy day instead of occasionally taking some time to write a story and then languishing in the space between.

Momentum builds when you have regular habits.

Embracing your own rejuvenation isn’t so hard to do.  Chances are you know what would make you feel better.  You tell your friends how you need a massage, want to take a class, wish you could have more fun… want to learn to play a sport…

Now, all you have to do is let yourself do it bigly!

xoxo Dana



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