10 Super-Vibrant Ways To Have More Wellness!

Jun 1, 2015 | Creativity

colorful salad

Welcome to my salad at Revitalize, Mind Body Green’s amazing conference that I was honored to attend again this year.

I have returned home to Los Angeles with a really vibrant view of wellness, one that I am about to expand as I hit the grocery store in a moment!


10 Super-Vibrant Ways To Expand Your Wellness

1. Compose colorful plates.  You can literally use colorful plates themselves to do this! We do eat with our eyes so this is a big deal.  Really eating a rainbow of colorful food makes a vast difference in our bodies and our wellbeing.

2. Smile at everyone.  What you give out is what you get back.  It was a four-day event of smiles all-round, and that is refreshing.

3. Choose the story with more light in it.  Light is refreshing and amazing.

4. Create more art in your day.  Take a more artful coffee break with a doodle, or swap your coffee for a smoothie with outlandish ingredients.

5. Dress for fun.  My friend Tara Stiles has a line of yoga clothes printed with clouds and colors and prints that I describe as “freedom” when I wear them.  What you wear does influence your mood.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive… just more YOU.

6. Daydream in full color.  I kick back and do a little full-color daydreaming when I am feeling tired in the afternoon.  Call it visualization, meditation… or just full-color daydreaming!

7. Lighten up your conversations.  Sometimes we offend people without realizing it, or speak without thinking, or simply speak lots of heaviness out of habit.  Lighten up your conversations and the world around you turns lighter.

8. Move more. 10,000 steps a day (tracked on my iPhone 6 and now my new Spire) is apparently not easy for people like me who write a lot, but when I do it, the difference it makes in my life is spectacular! You may not need or want to track your steps, but its a great thing to move much more!

9. Breathe deeper. Take some time to breathe.  If you need extra-charged breathing, imagine the breath is a color you love and you are breathing in that color and brathing out whatevercolor you want to breathe out, recharging in that way!

10. Love.  Yep.  It’s really everything.

Wishing you a weath of wellness that feels and looks and is revitalizing!!!! xoxo Dana



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