7 Everyday Superfoods Smoothie & My 7 Favorite Superfood Smoothie Tricks!

Jun 2, 2015 | Food-Shui



Blendtec made this clever little chart that reminded me to amp up my smoothie game.  I just returned from Mind Body Green’s Revitalize 2015 where for four days I was drinking at least 4, sometimes 6, Evolution Fresh green juices a day.  That’s on top of food, indeed.  Needless to say, it was a riveting experience of nutrition, and I craved nothing sweeter, not even honey in my tea or wine at dinner.

Coming home, I feel moved to make myself some very exceptional smoothies!

My tricks for superfood smoothies that are ever-ready to go:

*Soak skin-free almonds for at least a few hours in filterd water and blend then in a high speed blender with a lot of water and you can skip the straining almond milk that is exhausting.  (*this works beautifully for cashews and pecans (even with their skin) too!

* Raw coconut flakes are good with just about any smoothie 🙂

* Citrus (half a lemon or a lime, or, in this case, oranges) makes a bright difference.

* Always keep frozen organic berries on hand at home, even (*especially) in the summer.  (*not as buzzingly perfect as fresh organic berries, but for the sake of keeping your plates piled high with phyonutrients, you can do frozen.

* Freeze your brown bananas in massive amounts.  I buy 20-30 bananas at a time as as soon as they turn spotty they all get peeled, broken into hunks and frozen in big BPA free tupperware in the freezer.  This is ever-ready smoothie 101.

* Mushroom Matrix powdered superfood mushrooms are my superfood addition.  You might want to add a powdered multivtiamin, any kind of green power superfood addition you like… in a pinch when I have only nuts, berries and bananas, a few spoons of superfood mushrooms radically empower a smoothie and they keep in the refrigerator for months and months.

* Add lots of water!!!  Too thick of a smoothie can be really hard to drink and less appealing in the long run.  More water (or almond milk, nut milk, seed milk) makes for an easier-to-drink and more hydrating smoothie.

I’m quite passionate about the fact that what you eat deeply affects your whole body and mind and life.  Even “the energy of your food.” So put love into everything you whip up, give thanks for your food and keep the electricity flowing! xoxo Dana



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