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Jun 3, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


Energy is something you need to keep in motion. According to science laws proven over a century you can’t create or destroy energy itself… but you can change it!

Peonies are splendid ruffle flowers. They unfold from compact balls to luxurious pom poms. They last for a spell in perfection, growing more and more complex and cool as they open. And then, they’re gone, returning to the Earth.

Put peonies in bloom in even the most drab of settings and you’ll transform the space. You can’t help but be inspired in the face of such beauty.

You’ll need to keep caring for those peonies, though, to keep the magic alive. And replacing them when they’ve gracefully come undone.

The same exact thing happens when you make changes in your space – or even changes in habits in your life. You can bring in something beautiful to your life… but you have to care for it and refresh it and make a practice of it in order to reap the benefits of it for more than a “wow” moment that turns back to the status quo.

To keep energy high, it has to be a practice, not a one-time deal.

Are you ready to make high energy living into more of a practice?! 

plants and crystals

Recharge the living things around you! & Plants and crystals are a glorious combination! I actually only put crystals in my plants durning the full moon. Those crystals need to be refreshed. They need attention. Their energy needs to be replenished.

Ultra-care for your pets. The best thing I do for the dogs is to take them for two miles a day of walking when I’m home. Yes, they get extra treats, and extra baths and extra love, too… but they need their own energy moving and rejuvenated.   All animals need as much love and attention and action as you can give them!

Try an electronic device to remind you to move around. I could never make a lifestyle out of wearing a Fit Bit or a Jawbone or another fitness tracking device (I don’t trust the safety of the electronic emissions long-term, that’s just me), but I will emphatically tell you that a fitness tracker for a short while in my own life kept me hyper-aware of how much I needed to stand to move and to sleep deeper. Even a month of a device like this can help you ignite lots of physical changes into habits.

21 drops

Find habits you can use every day. If you have to get a 90 minute massage to feel rejuvenated, chances are you won’t or can’t or don’t do it daily. That massage is amazing, and please keep going whenever you need it… but on a daily basis you can find other habits that are everyday habits to boost you up when you are feeling low or stuck.

Aromatherapy is a powerful habit to experiment with. Simple oils like a high vibe, therapeutic grade rose essential oil can balance out stress and is delicious to wear everywhere! I’m obsessed with the 21 drops Equalize blend I just got at Mind Body Green’s Revitalize.

Yoga is another practice that you can, as Tara Stiles says,  practice anywhere. Literally, anywhere! You can download streaming classes to have with you everywhere you go, anytime you want, right HERE.  And you can learn the sequences of yoga that wake you up and simply do them whenever and wherever you need to expand into a moment.

Walking is another habit you can bring all over the place with you. Just get up and walk! There are tons of benefits:

And this blog is literally packed with high-energy, happiness-inducing tips that you can play with endlessly to find ones that suit you for your everyday use.

Remember: what you do everyday is more powerful than what you do once in a while, so make your high vibe habits a daily dose of awesome every single day!!!

xoxo Dana

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