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Jun 4, 2015 | Sensory Goodness



Today I woke up and reached for the same orange mug, grabbed my orange bottle of aromatherapy from 21 Drops that I’m presenty addicted to… Put on all blue, blue sneakers, reaching for even more blue.

Blue and orange are everywhere around me at the moment.  It can’t be an accident.  There are times I only want white, only pink, only grey…

Color has energy, power… healing waves… emotional depth…

Today I’m so excited to share a talk I had with Wala’a Al Muhaiteeb, color healer and color yogini.  Her view of color is spectacular, and you’ll never look at color the same after exploring her world of rainbows.  



Q: What makes color so powerful? 

We live in a time and age where the material has become separate from spirit and everything we have is physical: it must be touched and felt to be believed.

Color is the bridge between both: it is a quick entry way to a spiritual path as its vibrations are subtle, yet so powerful to our bodies and energy bodies. Each color has a memory or association, and it’s a great indication for us. It tells us about our feelings, especially the ones our mind prefers to avoid. Color energies are also connected to nature and the sun and this connection is very important to us.

Q: What did you study to arrive at this point of focus on color?

When I was living in Japan, I was bothered by my inability to wear color – especially since I loved it and was surrounded with a culture that loved and embraced it – so I decided to look into it. I started my color journey studying Leatrice Eiseman’s More Alive with Color, which is a color system that helps us understand which colors work for us best. Then I moved to Getting my Color Therapy diploma as I wanted more. I knew color has a powerful effect on us emotionally and physically, and I wanted to know how to use it. To complete the circle, I did my yoga teacher and chakra healing training to be able to use it with my body and spirit combined.

color wheel


Q: Do people in your experience have personal colors (that you can diagnose) that can universally help them? Or is it situational, like for this time, this is a good color? 

It’s a combination of both. Everyone has a personal (purpose) color – usually it’s their favorite color as children. This color is a big indication of what our purpose is in this life.

The other colors are ones that appear for a certain time to tell us what our souls and bodies need at that particular moment, allowing us to grow and move with the current challenge in life. These are great colors to work with and you always know when you are done with these colors.

Q: Do you find that color makes an immediate difference or is it subtle and long term?

Depending on the situation, your intended goal and how you work with it – to let go of tension or a need for extra energy – the color effect is immediate. It can really shift your emotions and energy in an instant. When you work with color on a deeper level – noticing it every day, meditating to it and using it in visualizations – you can benefit from long term magic and change.

Q: What are some experiences you’ve had in shifting color and seeing the benefits?

Last year, color played the leader role in my life as it was a time of transformation. I was homeless, broke and life was pushing me to my limits. I used colors as a treasure hunt map. Every color was a clue to the next step and the next person. My first clue was orange, which helped me let go of sadness and embrace my feminine wisdom. Next, I moved to navy blue, which helped me find discipline and strong intuition, then violet and finally magenta. Each color meant that I had to work on something different to overcome difficulties and find the building blocks to my new life. Fast forward 8 months and I have a beautiful home with a beautiful community, an incredible love life, a beautiful healthy tribe of friends and abundance is flowing from every corner.

Q: Does someone need to radically immerse themselves in a color to see change? 

We are already immersed in color; it’s everywhere. We must become aware of it, understand it, and use it to help us find and create magic and change. Color is such a simple – yet extremely effective – tool that helps us navigate through life. We all know which colors are showing up in our lives; we only need to learn how to put them into effective use.

Q: Is a favorite color always a good color for people? 

Always! A person’s favorite color holds great memories and loving thoughts. Favorite colors always remind us of our inner and outer beauty.

Q: How can people experience your work? 

People can experience my work through my online color services, one-on-one color sessions, color meditation packages and workshops, and color readings.  (*links are in bio below)

Thank you sooooo much!!!  xoxo Dana



P1010217Hi I’m Wala’a Al Muhaiteeb. I’m a color healer, color consultant, a yoga teacher and the founder of The Color Recipe.
The Color Recipe is the result of a fresh perspective I found during my time in Japan when I discovered how to use color to overcome my fears and become my true self. Once I realized the profound effect that color meditation could make in my life, I knew I had to share it with the world. I combine the ancient teachings of yoga and color healing to guide women to live their truth and find the love and life they always wanted.  You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram & on my website HERE. 


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