Do You Make Emotional Decisions?

Jun 8, 2015 | Prosperity

permanent decisions

We have all done it.

Whether it’s exploding and walking out of a job… running out of a party, ditching a relationship or quitting a health program…

Whatever emotional decisions are made in the heat of a moment… they can have great force, you know?  The more emotion you have behind something the more force it has.

And then there are the emotional decisions based on a rut.  My hair has been red, pink, platinum and one inch long based on the whims of a moment.

None of these things are inherently bad at all, but in the service of creating a life with a stable building momemtum, some of these decisions can cost more than we thought we’d pay in the heat of a moment.

Today’s feng shui can help you out of the heat of emotion and into clarity and perspective so you can make choices with love… and an eye toward expanding your life!


I think I love succulents so much because of their whimsical yet perfectly organized geometry.  There are perfect patterns and the patterns make them both exciting and peaceful.

In a perfect world, we are all in these exciting yet stable habits that unfold gloriously and greet each day beautifully.

In the real world, we get bored of things, we grow weary of the same-same and the revel in all of us wants to challenge the norms.  I’m all for it.  I love change!  Restlessness, though, along with fear of commitments, fears of the ordinary, fears of things not being good enough… It can lead to a host of decisions that are meant to shake things up— but are not thought through completely at all times.

Before you decide to make a major move- especially if you are of the restless nature that I am- it can be amazing to get some perspective.

Wash your windows.  This act of creating clarity at home also helps to see situations more clearly.

Make a little sketch of the results of the decision.  Are you aware of any domino effects a rash decision will definitely cause?  For example, what will your roommate do if you decide to move to Brazil tomorrow? Make sure you can be accountable for all the pieces of the puzzle in a way that feels right to you and to everyone affected by your decision.  Believe me, hindsight is 20-20, if you haven’t experienced that one already.

You can move to Brazil in a week and get a replacement roommate first.  Suddenly that trip is filled with far better juju based on your week of care for the scope of your decisions.

Get some Nature time.  Even a short while in Nature can help you tap into more of your truth and calmly, steadily, make these big decisions quite stable and solid.

Watch the ebb and flow of your moods in a day or two.  Drink lots of water, take a bath, swim if you can.  Water element helps us to be self-reflective.  Unless you are in a dangerous place of abuse or the like, its worth taking some time to reflect on your feelings and how they change over time (if they do) before bailing on a situation in a moment of haste.  Nothing is perfect, so making a decision in the quest for perfection can not just leave you empty handed, it can also leave you in a place of permanent questing for a perfection that always eludes you because it isn’t real.

If you feel grounded, solid and sure about your feelings, now even the biggest leaps will be ones of courage, not crazy-making haste.  You’ll be unfolding and expanding rather than chaotically ping-ponging through spurts of anger and the like.

If it feels right it is right.  And if it feels right, it will continue to feel right even if you take a breath and a day or two to reflect before reacting!

xoxo Dana



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