Break Rules Like An Artist!

Jun 13, 2015 | Life With Art

pablo picasso quotes

If you want to be a rebel, learn the way everyone does things first.  Once you know how it is “supposed” to go, even if you practice it differently, you’ll have more of a foundation for your rebellion.

I never learned to “draw” because, well, if you weren’t able to sit down and do a virtuoso rendition with photorealistic quality of anything you saw,  and you were a kid in New Jersey when I was growing up, you just “couldn’t draw.”  Drawing is a foundational practice for thinking freshly, expanding your mind and, yes, making art.  Picasso could draw.  You never really see his drawing skill in a classical sense in his most famous paintings, but that skill enabled him to break the rules and become the groundbreaking artist that he is known to be today.

You can learn to draw. In fact, my favorite art-learning-and-making blog Marky (started by some heavyweights in the arts) can provide you lessons for free right now to sit down and learn some of the fundamentals.

Then, practice… And find your own way!

I highly tout The Artist’s Way as a foundation in creativity that we all need, no matter what we do professionally and personally.  You can learn more about it HERE.  You can also join The Artist’s Way group where we do The Artists’s Way together through 12 weeks in a FREE group on Facebook!

There are so many ways to learn rules… then break them. I learned the rules of feng shui and did it “by the book” for a few years before I realized that there were holes I needed to fill in my own way to meet the needs of my clients.  I know there’s value in knowing the full picture before you dismantle and re-style the whole thing.

If your rebellion is just taking you far away from anythng productive, you might want to backtrack, learn the best practices, then go off and do it your own way with confidence and lots of smarts to ground you.

Thriving artist ideas for the day…! xoxo Dana



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