Feng Shui To Help You Find Solutions To Big Problems!

Jun 16, 2015 | Prosperity

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If you have a big problem that’s sticking around because, well, it’s really complicated (or seems really complicated), you may need to switch things up.

It’s already been proven in many scientific experiments that it’s easier to break habits when you move to a new place or take a vacation. It’s also easier to be calm in Nature.  You can design spaces that enhance creativity.  You can create more happiness and confidence with color.  You can create big changes by changing spaces.

Today, here are a few ideas & feng shui for solving problems the problems that don’t seem to resolve. 


Rise to the occasion…calmly. If you are having trouble being calm, get some space.  Sit outside and breathe.  Get as far and as wide a view as you can.  Feel yourself get bigger as you do it.

I used to only make big decisions when I was in a state of panic or exhaustion.  After all, I could always blame my decision on this crazy state of mind if I needed to in the end.  It was an awesome way to set myself up to almost always do something that blew up in my face.  I don’t recommend making big decisions in an attempt to solve problems while you are super-spun-out in any way.  I know, it seems logical to say that, but I’ve done it soooo many times in the past it’s worth mentioning now!

Be willing to do anything it takes. If that means you have to spend money, be uncomfortably in a new situation, or whatever it is… if you’ll solve your problem and everyone wins, go for it.  My very biggest way to get ready is to put my ducks in a row. Yes: Organize. Bigtime.  Sounds crazy, maybe, but it really works. The more organized you are, the better you can see what’s in front of you.

I sometimes forget how much the universe supports these kinds of big decisions when they are really necessary.  It’s far more calm when its organized.

Stay clear on the actual outcome you want. If you’ve been in a problem for a long time and need to get to a solution, you can lose sight of what the outcome actually is that you need.  Solving every facet of a problem isn’t always necessary to solve the problem.  For example, you may not change the way your boss does business, but you can change your job.  It can all get confused in your head (it has in mine) when it’s been a long-standing problem in life.  We all intellectually know we can’t force people to change, or bank on people changing, as these are individual decisions…But you can do your part in a big way!

And… Stay strong in your decision! I’ve made some decisions fifteen times before they’ve stuck…have you? It’s crazy difficult when it’s emotional… and even when its not emotional at all.  Stick to it!!! Keep your space full of super-high energy and keep going.  You can always try something new if one thing doesn’t quite work… but you can’t do anything if you are stuck just thinking and doing nothing!

xoxo Dana



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