How To Get More Done While Feeling Better At The Same Time!

Jun 18, 2015 | Prosperity

get more done


Need to get more done in just a little time?

Me, too!

I just took a nap.  Then I watched THIS video that I actually found on Lifehacker. 

Turns out my nap was the right thing to do.

There are really great fundamentals to getting things done.

For me, there are three basics that can drag me down when I’m working and not getting enough done:

When I can’t focus, I need food. 

It turns out that lots of science supports the idea that you need to eat more when studying/ focusing hard, and Buzzfeed breaks it all down.  Kale, Orange Juice, Celery, Sunflower Seeds and more are all recommended on this list of foods to eat while you use your brain a lot… are these people spying on my grocery store habits? Their office isn’t that far from my neighborhood!

When I am not motivated, I need sleep. 

Mark Rosekind, PhD, explains the need we all have to sleep much more and nap much more to WebMD:

“Naps are incredibly beneficial for improving mental alertness,” he tells WebMD. “The data are absolutely clear on that.”

I used to feel guilt or lazy for sleeping during the day. Now I see it as the biggest re-set to my system, enormously helpful to wash away some early projects and dive into new ones.

And… drinking water apparently makes you more productive, too! 

“Productivity increases as a person drinks water, according to a new study by the University of East London. Researchers found that a person’s brain is better able to focus on tasks after he or she has enough water to drink.

The researchers tested 34 people after one group ate a plain breakfast and the other group drank water after breakfast. Subjects performed 14 percent quicker after they took a drink.”(more HERE) 

On that note, fresh out of my nap I’m running to the corner market for organic black kale, alkaline water, orange juice… lots to get done in the next three hours!  xoxo Dana



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