Essential Feng Shui For Travel!

Jun 20, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Essential Feng Shui For Travel!

The start of the year was the start of my travel season. Now, I look forward to feeling at home… and being at home… wherever I am.  While I’ve already done a post on my favorite travelling healthy tips, today, my own feng shui mentor and teacher, Dr. Gabriele Van Zon, shares her ideas for treasures to pack with you to bring feng shui magic on planes, trains, cars, boats and anywhere your heart desires to adventure!


Secret Treasures For Your Feng Shui Travel Kit by Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal 

Are you packing for that special vacation trip you have been planning for months? Don’t forget your feng shui travel kit! A lightweight pouch in a fabric that gives you joy will hold the few treasures that you may now select as travel companions.

In a hotel room, tent or automobile, these items will connect you to home, protect you on your journey and give you a sense of belonging. With our feng shui guide lines and travel tips, your special experience away from home will feel more secure and harmonious. Summer is a time of extremes, therefore a little know how for creating better balance will keep you aligned with your purpose and design. Time zones and climate can play tricks on you and make you feel out of sorts.

Upon arrival at your destination, check around for sha qi. Is there anything threatening pointing at you? Are there pictures on the wall that make you feel uncomfortable? Can you see the door from where you are sleeping or sitting? Is there a mirror reflecting your sleeping position? What kind of electronics are close to your head? What do you see when you look out the window? If things don’t feel right, try to switch rooms!


Let’s pack your pouch with feng shui essentials:

  • A photo of your loved ones in a light frame will be your tao connection to family and friends.
  • Crystals are said to be protective, and a small faceted amethyst can be grounding and relaxing.
    Include a special coin as a symbol of continued cash flow.
  • Your favorite essential oil, i.e. lavender, rosemary or geranium, will surround you with familiar aroma as you spray or dab in bathrooms and on pillows.
  • A small e-candle with a timer switch can be your guiding night light to the bathroom. It will also keep you from turning on bright lights which will disturb your melatonin level while you’re adjusting to new time zones.
  • A spray bottle with clear alcohol can be a helpful disinfectant to spritz on bedding and remote controls.

Your pouch is ready unless you have a need for some tactile sensations, which could be a tassel for the doorknob or a little rubbing stone to ease nervous tension. If you can squeeze more into your luggage, some of you may want to tuck a tiny, soft pillow or stuffed animal into a corner of the suitcase. A shawl to toss over the black hole TV or a mirror can serve double duty to protect against icy drafts from the AC.

Try to balance indoor temperatures with outdoor climates so that your experience is not too much of an extreme. Your exposure to temperature changes should be gradual.

When you are in public spaces, i.e. lobbies, restaurants, transportation, put yourself in the power position where you can observe the entrance and see as much of the room as possible.

In choosing your feng shui travel companions, be aware of meanings and symbolic values and perhaps add small items as you experience new places. They will then be embedded in your memory as mile markers on the brain mapping of your journey.

Pyramid Feng Shui is a multi-cultural discipline. With its practice we enhance our lifestyle, our experience of place, and create deeper bonds with our environment. Our experience of place is refreshed with changes that affect our sensorial system and therefore our outlook on life.



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