Step By Step, Keep Moving Toward Your Dreams!

Jun 25, 2015 | Prosperity


Check out the momentum of a giant waterfall. Looking Glass Falls.

The feeling in the air is teeming life, and so much water is rushing effortlessly over your feet as you stand in the creek that you feel like you can float effortlessly to anywhere.  All that rushing water gains speed and momentum as it flies off the cliff to make a waterfall of such grace and sparkle.

Momentum is what it takes to move you forward. Momentum is… moving in a direction until it becomes easier and faster and more exciting to move forward… almost automatically. Momentum is the snowball gathering snow and moving faster and faster as it rolls down the hill.  Momentum is sunning faster and faster without even trying or expending extra energy as you fly down a sleep slope.  Momentum is reaching the point where you find things falling into place more than you find yourself putting them in place.

To start the momentum, you have to start moving. It’s that basic.

Just move in the direction you want your water to run.  Find the waterfall that powers your boat in the direction you want to glide.

Even if you aren’t doing exactly what you want to do at this very moment, you will if whatever you do is moving you there.

How in-line with what you want is moving you toward where you want to go?

This is the perfect prompt to check my alignment in life:

ask yourself

Where do you fall on the spectrum of being in-line with your purpose? What will get you there?! NO IDEA.

But… Even if you don’t specifically know exactly what to do yet, do what feels right… keep your plan going… keep following that energy… and you’ll get there!

Idea for the day: “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

What do you think? Can you make a little switch to get your energy in a more powerful line toward your pots of gold?!

xoxo Dana


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