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Jun 27, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


My favorite stop in the magical town of Asheville, NC – a place I want to call my home one day soon- was at the Asheville Bee Charmer.  Backlit honey greets you on all sides, sparkling and warm.  It’s quite a spectacle watching them glow like amber lamps.  Of the glowing jars there were carrot, berry, cinnamon (you can order many of their honey varieties HERE) and even eucalyptus honey… creamed, clear, raw…and honey harvested around the world from as near as Asheville and as far as Italy.

Ready to get charmed by honey?! 

asheville bee After about 40 minutes of tasting honey at the honey bar (yes, like a wine bar for honey) I emerged with every travel size honey available (had a plane to catch at 5am the next day), honey lip gloss and a honey high… along with a far broader understanding of honey and it’s nuances.

Let’s start with local honey.  Local honey- sustainably farmed-  is thought to help keep seasonal allergies at bay.  Its also lighter and more clear and sweet in Asheville than any other honey I tasted.  That said, if you are ordering honey, if it’s not local to you, I wouldn’t try it as part of your allergy remedies (you need local-to-you honey for that!)  Just enjoy it… as it’s truly liquid gold.


This honey is so gorgeous (toldja!) that it is worth mentioning my favorite honey beauty treats.  I actually keep honey in my bathroom (!) for conditioning hair, making body scrubs, and more.

My favorite honey beauty secrets are HERE. 


Now, of course, beauty (and all things wonderful) radiate from the inside out. Honey is a big part of THIS cinnamon tea that my acupuncturist recommended to help me to have more balance and flow in my body. It is thought to help everything from colds to digestive upsets, and so much more!

Then there’s the honey deliciousness of candy making and baking with honey.  My favorite honey caramel also doubles as my favorite apple and pear dip!  Happiness is also super-radiant!


Before we skip over another wonder of the bee, there’s honey-scented sweet beeswax space clearing! Made into candles and burned every day, beeswax can clear the air of bad juju and create a positive environment. Much like sage, it fills the air with negative ions as its candle burns, creating lots of positive energy.  Plus, beeswax smells like candy.

Now, design may be the least intuitive way to think of honey and all its nuances, but my most enchanted design ideas are inspired in geometry that vibes with the very cells of our bodies.  Honeycombs are imagination-defying and incredible shapes in design.   you can learn more about honeycomb patterns and watch bees at work building these nature mansions right HERE.

Plus… You can check out the Asheville Bee Charmer right HERE.  They ship their honey goodies to wherever you are!  xoxo Dana


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