A Idea To Design High Energy Inspiration In Your Life Right Now!

Jun 29, 2015 | Home Style

puppy bob

Bob is high energy inspiration all by himself!

But, in the way he likes to pull his pillows toward other patterns, and the way he insists on adding soft to hard textures, that’s how Bob is a design genius.

Today, I wanted to share an idea to take your flowers, your home styling and even your outfits to the next level.  

bouquet feng shui

Mix things up.  Jutapose opposites.

My favorite floors in design are patterned checkered tiles and other textures that play with opposites that create rhythm.

For fresh flowers that I hope you can bring to your home, try mixing hard and soft or light and dark. My personal favorite is mixing really soft blooms with twigs, robust greens that are hearty and solid, or even eucalyptus with ruffle petals like peonies.

roses and lavender

My other favorite of mixology is flowers and herbs.  You can do so much with rosemary and lilies, lavender and roses… this isn’t just a visual play of texture, it’s also a synergistic splash of high sensory scent that combine in a vase.

For your home, mix patterns that are wildly disparate but feel right together.  Hand-woven blankets combine with watercolors in my own home, compliments of the dogs.  Quilts and silks.  Stripes and florals.  The only rules that seem to apply is that the more opposite the patterns are and the more they feel right to you, the more energy they will bring to a space in their juxtaposition.

You can do the same with your wardrobe.  A more substantial and structured belt over a flowy dress, a tailored jacket over linen, unexpected color combinations, mixing up materials… this is the stuff that makes personal style spring to life.  My personal favorites are patterned silks with plush knits, slips with jackets and colorblocking tops and bottoms in big color.  I love men in smart mixes that express their creativity.  Even classic jeans and a T-shirt is a mix of the hard and soft in texture.

Mix up your style with combinations that feel fantastic.  The results are always uniquely your own, and that self-expression and dose of energy will boost your confidence, keep you in a creative zone and forge and even stonger link between your self and your space.

That is feng shui practical magic!!! xoxo Dana



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