How Much Energy Do You Give To Finding Solutions?

Jun 29, 2015 | Creativity


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I happen to love this quote attributed often to Tony Robbins.

Problems are usually pretty easy to identify, you know?  They are also simple to talk about, complain about, worry about and harp on over and over again in a feedback loop that builds problems atop problems, and then talk about some more.

Problem-talkers hang out in packs.  It’s almost like what brings everyone together is a collective need to complain.

Then, there are solution-minded people.  The coolest people I know have this uniquely gifted way of offering solutions.  I can call any of my solution-friends and say, “What would you do about this?” and I don’t hear a single… “Oh you poor thing… Oh what a shame…” But, instead, I hear, “What about…. ” Or… “Have you tried….” Or… “This is what you do…”

It took a while to find solution-minded friends that are super-spectacular, but I do the same for them, and we value each other in this way.  It’s how we roll.

Complaining is not something to share or to listen to in my life. It takes too much time away from the fun things and offers no real answers, you know?! Don’t get me wrong, I get stuck in problems, too… but I get pulled out of that really fast.

Are you sitting in problems or in solutions? It’s a great thing to ask yourself.  After all, a life without challenges wouldn’t be exciting… but if the challenges become the theme of your life, well, that’s just too overwhelming to be productive!

Solution-mindedness.  It’s super-creative, too!

xoxo Dana


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