Lush And Dreamy Plant-Filled Sanctuary Spaces!

Jun 30, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

plants bath

(magic dream life) 

I’m taking a very deep dive into sanctuary-making in an extremely dreamy way for a new project coming soon that is packed with everything-everything-everything that’s delightful in DIY samctuary-making!  That said, my home is filling with an ultra-abundance of greenery, stones, crystals, soft fabrics… Oh I am just so obsessed!

Having a space to truly relax and rejuvenate is the fastest way I know to make a major life change!


(design files)

Would you dare to install a hammock? I can tell you if I get my house on the East Coast this is the #1 thing to get installed. A friend just put one into his place here in Lods Angeles and its just all-out show-stopping!

indoor darden


You can still be sleek/modern and plush/lush!  A single, monumental tree can make all the difference in a space.  It’s a well-worth-it investment!

vertical pallet garden


I’ve forever been enchanted by a vertical garden to cover walls in plants and flowers and this DIY makes it relatively easy to do!

plants hanging

Exploring some exotic woven fibers adds extra layers of softness and artistry.

I’m absolutely hypnotized by this video how-to-make macrame and I am thrilled to make these for everywhere in wild colors!!!

Pretty simple, right?

(magic dream life)  

Does it get better than tile and wicker and mountains of houseplants?  Justina Blakeney pinned this on Pinterest this morning, opening my eyes to the extreme joy of the earthy tiles mixed in with so many potted plants…!

Leafy greens will never fail you in a pot, in a garden, or even on your plate!  Keep adding the nourishment of thriving plants in layers everywhere to spaces that need more fresh air and fresh thinking.

This is the start of sanctuary-making holistic design!

The rest… is coming… in September!  xoxo Dana


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