Rainbow Boho High Vibe Home Styling!

Jul 1, 2015 | Home Style

Rainbow Boho Home Styling!!!(via)

Today, the energy of the bohemian fantasy space meets the gorgeousness and power of rainbows.

Just a single dose of rainbow color can lift up even the most tired of homes in a dazzling flash! 

painted rock

(jamaica byles)

Hiw much does this marke you want to get a raibow tempera set and start painting rocks?

molly guy shelves

(molly guy’s bookshelves ℅ Refinery 29)

There’s the classic “rainbow” of books on a shelf situation… but it’s made better when the shelf itself has some hand-hewn, chopped-from-the-tree charm.


This rug is unusually crayola for my taste, but it’s done really well, the chevron takes it over-the-top, I am just about ready to click though and buy it to revamp my own office and the price is very right at Dot & Bo.

things bright

(things bright)

And now I want to make a sofa from a serape blanket, too!



Can you get more simple than sprinkling sprinkles on your tea light candles? I think vegan non-toxic sprinkles are the way to go here… and delighfully at that!!!

Layering on the color is a never-fail way to reach the feng shui’d design extraordinary!!!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Sasa

    Excellent style colors are beautiful.

  2. nensav

    I liked colors, my taste is a bit minimalist with pure and simple colors, black, white in some ocasions blue, but some details like rug can be with optimistic colors

  3. Kimberly

    This post is so well-timed for me! I was window shopping in the city earlier this week and found a beautiful rainbow colored woven tray from India. I considered buying it but wasn’t entirely sure if I preferred that over something more neutral. I think I’m going to go back and get it for my new apartment 🙂


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