Grain-Free Grilled Cheese! (Gluten-Free & SCD)

Jul 3, 2015 | Food-Shui

paleo grilled cheese

Today: the best grain-free grilled cheese ever!  And it’s simple to make. And it feels (and eats) like a real sandwich!!!! 

First off: Why grain free?

After 8 years on the Specific Carbohydrated Diet (SCD) that has healed my body of a major autoimmune meltdown, I haven’t had real bread in ages.  Similar to Paleo, but with very key differences, SCD is a miracle for many to heal autoimmune digestive (and other) disorders, chronic inflammation and even used with immense success with autism.   I’ll be talking a whole lot about the SCD diet in the time to come because chronic inflammation and autoimmune issues are on the major rise (at least in my readership!) and I want to help all of you to learn the ways of SCD and the wisdom in it that can be applied to any diet.

For starters, there’s no grain in the diet, as digesting grains can cause an inflammatory response in the body.  So… bread is hard to come by.

Here, I used the recipie that Elana Amsterdam posted on Elana’s Pantry.  I had a feeling this would be good as I was lucky to attend a party in Elena’s home in Boulder last year and every single grain-free goodie she had on the buffet was beyond-belief.  THIS bread is more than good.  It is made with cashew butter, eggs and a few common ingredients and bakes up to a beautiful loaf from start to finish in under and hour!  IT IS LIKE BREAD!!!!

One note: I suggest a non-stick bread pan that’s also well-oiled so you can get the cooled bread easily out of the pan to slice it.

loom decor napkins

(these heirloom tomatoes are insanely good!!!)

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever (SCD, Gluten-Free & Paleo) 

  • Grain & Gluten-free bread (I made THIS one and its astonishingly good!)
  • Mild cheese  (I used hormone-free, non-gmo cheddar)
  • Fresh & ripe organic tomatoes
  • Spicy dijon mustard (I use Trader Joe’s dijon as they don’t sneak sugar and preservatives in it)
  • Fresh mayo (optional- but great)
  • A big skillet pan & some coconut oil or ghee

Slice up a pile of cheese in thin slices for easy melting. Thin tomato slices, too!

Heat up some oil to coat a skillet.

While it warms up, slice your loaf of bread in sandwich-thin slices.

To create the sandwiches, work quickly: 

  1. Lower the skillet heat.  Nut-based breads can scortch and you want to prevent that!
  2. Drop slices of bread into the hot pan for a moment (less than a minute) to let it barely toast on one side.
  3. Now flip all bread slices over.
  4. Load up the cheese and fresh tomato slices on one half of the bread slices.
  5. Smear a bit of mustard on the top of the other half of the bread slices.  (fresh mayo too, if you’d like).
  6. Now, flip the mustard sides atop the cheese and tomatoes.  Cover for maybe 15 seconds to let the cheese melt a bit more.
  7. Carefully flip the entire sandwich (or many sandwiches, sepending on the size of your pan) to allow the other side of breat to toast up and the cheese to melt even more.
  8. Remove from the pan, let cool for a minute or two then slice to gooey perfection!

(Note: if your cheese isn’t melted, try thinner slices next time, but for now, try covering the skillet off the heat for another minute or two to “bake” and melt the cheese) ‘

&  Enjoy totally grain-free, gluten-free, incredibly delicious grilled cheese!!!!!

xoxo Dana




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