How To Use Bubbles In Magical Ways!

Jul 6, 2015 | Creativity



Transparent, floating, reflective containers of air that change color and twinkle in the light, then pop into a firework of shiny droplets in the sun.

Bubbles are just delightful, you know?!

I’m not surprised that the delicate, weightless, shining capsules known as bubbles have formed the visual iconography for lots of meditation, goal setting and intention-sharpening techniques.

I have bubbles on my mind today as I msake maps of projects and wrap ideas into their own bubbles…!  so get ready for three somewhat magical ways to use the gorgeous bubble in your life to manifest things you want… to sharpen your intention and even to help others (the best one!) !

pink bubbles


Pink Bubbles.

The first thing I think of when I think about bubbles and meditation is the pink bubble technique championed by Shakti Gawain in the book Creative Visualization.  When I was 22 and living for the summer in a very colorful, grossly-hot and at-times scary sublet loft in Hell’s Kitchen near Port Authority in Manhattan (I learned what crackpipes looked like as I stepped over people smoking them on my steps at night), I immersed myself in Creative Visualization.  The pink bubbles I released into the air that summer in many meditations contained my dreams at that time.  Nearly all have completely come true.

More on the Pink Bubble Technique is right HERE for you.

Here’s a more expanded idea for bubbles in life to help others:

bubbles of love

(diana cooper)

Rather than sending people worry or keeping them separate from you, why not surround them in “love bubbles” when you think of them?!  Given the large amount of anecdotal evidence that praying for people changes their lives – THIS WebMD article “Can Prayer Heal?” is spectacular–  thinking good thoughts and “love bubbles” toward others isn’t far off base.

Want to try something hands-on? Lilou Mace created an amazing bubble-based visualization that is so simple and light and flowy!

Fun, right?!

Of course, just getting yourself a jar of bubbles to blow can be all you need to turn the ordinary into the spectualuar and magical for a moment.

Just a little dose of fantastic and fantasy-like can light up a day.

xoxo Dana

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