What Do You Do When You Feel Creatively Stuck?

Jul 7, 2015 | Creativity

creative block

Whether you are staring at a blank piece of paper, a blank computer screen or just walking around with a blank-feeling mind, there’s nothing fun about creative “stuckness” when you have something that you want to get done.

It’s especially troubling when you don’t just “want” to do that something… that something may be your job, your duty and your responsibility.

That something that can’t get done may not even be art- like writing a book or making a painting. It may be problems to solve. A home to re-organize. A budget to make. A technical issue to iron out. A job to find.

All these things are creative. In fact, all things, to some degree that is underestimated, are creative.

All things require some form of synergy, a sense of flow and some focused energy to get them done. To get them done well, most things require that we wake up, show up and really tackle them.

The block to making, creating, waking up and doing can be overwhelming. That said: there’s nothing “wrong” with you, this happens to most anyone and everyone who cares to do good work in life at some point, and… it’s usually these blocks that make for big breakthroughs!

Today, let’s look at a few feng shui ways to shake up the creative blocks & blues. 

the airplane takes off with the wind

That’s true isn’t it? Maybe we need resistance to take flight?!

Steven Pressfield’s very famous book The War Of Art makes a lot of awesome proclamations about confronting resistance. The line of this book that stands out to me every single time I read it:

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”


Big stuff.

So, the first idea to guide creative motion:

Not inspired?

Do it anyway.

Over the last eight months I have created about three times the volume of what I have created in the last five years. And I’ve had to be monthly on planes, in new time zones, freezing cold, super-hot, raining… Tossed out of the breezy sunshine of Los Angeles, there’s nothing quite like moving around to learn to adapt to new environments. No matter how much change, each fresh space moves me to make a change.

Change and being forced to adapt is a really big deal.

A few ideas to create that change right now for yourself:

  • Revamp your desk or work space with a five-minute redecorate.
  • Turn on the air conditioning or get a blanket. (Temperature and texture change your mind state)
  • Add a little scent. Whether its your favorite candle, aromatherapy or, my favorite classic nag champa that I reserve for special occasions with open windows since it may not be the 100% purest thing to burn, scent helps to transport you to a new place.

Now, the kicker to making things happen no matter what.

Get into a very real deadline with real consequences. 

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: deadlines shape the amorphous thing we call time. Deadlines ignite all kinds of synergy, they wake you up and they get things done. When I started to see deadlines as a power source instead of a prison sentence, things took flight.

My deadlines are stunning at the moment.

Events, talks, extensive video shoots, design projects and more.

Which leads me to the last thing that makes creativity in the face of resistance less of a nightmare:

Select a point of focus.  

In feng shui, where your energy is flowing is how your life is flowing. Focus on one thing at a time in a more comprehensive way.

How I think now is this— Today and early tonight, I move one thing forward in a big way. Tomorrow, another. Sometimes it’s the morning for one thing and the afternoon for another. I take a big break in between things I have to tackle so I can be refreshed and re-energized.

No matter what you decide to do to shake yourself free, start it now. The longer you sit in anything- be it a bad mood or an uncomfortable chair, the more it will bring you down. There’s no time for that!

Wishing you days of being the genius you are!!!

xoxo Dana

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