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Jul 13, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

tumeric tea

I’m sitting here dictating into my iPhone. Apparently this is my new way, since  I found out a few days ago, much to my surprise, that I had developed tendonitis in my right arm.

What was most eye-opening: this condition is caused by repetitive stress.

Apparently all of my one-handed typing, one-handed tracking on my iBook, and other one-handed activities that should have involved two hands led to this over time and intensity. It didn’t seem like stress…just seemed like annoyances…Things to deal with later…I’ve been busy…Not home a lot…

And the excuses to ignore things grow and grow… until this happens!

This is not a pity-me- please post, but, rather, it’s what could easily have prevented my month of an am in a scarf sling (!) and perhaps six other minor incidents of really-not-fun neck and back aches.

In fact, the turmeric-rich coconut tea that I’ve drinking in quarts is making me feel spectacular. I’m having big doses of turmeric and ginger with black pepper instead of the round-the-clock Advil thst was suggested.  My skin is luminous from so much water and sleep.

Today’s stress cure isn’t about a sweeping revolution caused by a crisis…I’ll do that one for all of us!…but, rather, it’s about asking for help, balancing life in a new way, and, most importantly, taking care of small things before they become big problems.


Do you have things that are grating on you?

Taking care of the little stresses can take care of very big stresses!

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out the somewhat elusive lesson in my own injury. I’ve looked at everything from chakras, beliefs I’ve been blogging about and even medical reasons why this could’ve happened.

What was my arm telling me?

The only thing that stands out is that I knew I needed to make changes in my workflow and my workspace but I put them off.  I needed an assistant 3 months ago. I even had repating dreams about having a different desk a different computer and a different chair. Who has a recuring dream about a desk chair?! I thought those dreams meant that I needed to get an office outside of my house soon. Now I know it was my body’s way of telling me that working on the road in really uncomfortable positions sometimes and then taking my computer around the house to sit wherever I felt like it st the moment just weren’t serving me anymore.

Hindsight is always 20/20. You know?

The thing is, I see small stresses in every single day tend to get skipped over by my clients, my friends, and me (!)  until they become a big problem. I’ve gotten really good at troubleshooting things like not sleeping when I’m traveling and fixing that fast.  But, clearly I let other things go that were a problem.  Like the dull ache in my arm after too much typing…every day…

Do you have little everyday stresses that are building up?

Take care of the little things.

Whether it’s not enough light in your kitchen or a bed mattress that is so uncomfortable it’s making your backache, things unsaid at work or in relationships, it’s the small and unhandled daily stresses that are worth a look… and a fix.

Where are you tolerating little every day annoyances? Is it the insane noise on your block from illegal hours of construction, or the neighbor who constantly leaves trash on the doorstep? (I have seen both!) Skipping breakfast because you forgot to get groceries again, or you stayed up too late having the same argument with someone? Maybe it’s just the air-conditioner that needs a new filter or the car that’s making a strange noise. The realization that you might need to get running shoes fit to your feet…rather that the old ones that are losing footing…

Are you blocking out things that need attention, instead letting stress build?

These really small things will make a big difference once you handle them.

Get a new filter for your air-conditioning. Start eating breakfast. Stop picking up the phone late at night. Or in my case, get an ergonomic specialist to help me ou fit my home so never have an injury like this again!

Take care of the little things.

When big things happen they rarely come out of nowhere. If you look back you’ll see all the ways they’ve been building. Taking some time to audit your own environment, looking out for the stresses that are daily little annoyances. If you handle these little things you can purge lots of negativity out of your life.

After all, if you’re going to build anything every day, let it be something amazing!

xoxo Dana 



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  1. Maurice Ottey

    Wonderful post Dana. Thank You. I had to lose my gallbladder and part of my colon before I got the message. 24 hour running around the clock! I’m on target now!

    • danaclaudat

      i’m glad you came out of it brilliantly! we all learn our own way 🙂 as I type leftie…;)

  2. Pat

    Great post, Dana. When we don’t take care of the little things they become big things. I am working on taking care of both right now, and most of the big things started out little.


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